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    Thursday - 8.19.1999
   What would you do for a copy of System Shock 2? - 02:50pm EST - James
Intrusion site: GameCenter.
Detected By: Own Sensor Systems.
Threat category
: System Shock 2 For Free.
Threat analysis: Give GameCenter your name and email address, and you might win one of 30 copies of System Shock 2. (US Residents Only! - Dan)
Recommended Countermeasure: Target is classified mine. All units approaching this target will be terminated. (Dream on, James... :) - Dan)

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    Send in Your System Shock 2 Multiplayer Questions - 02:20pm EST - Digital
Back when we did the chat with the dev team, they asked to be spared the multiplayer questions, since no one who was actually working on it was there. Well, I've managed to gain an audience with those who are working on it, so now's the time to send in the questions.

So, please email me your multiplayer questions. They asked that I only send five questions, so please only send me one, and make sure it's good. I'll have to pick the five most often asked.

A few things to remember when asking: There will only be four player cooperative, who will play the game as if it were single player, but there were four (or two or three) grunts put in stasis, rather then one. The contant of the game will be altered to fit the number of players (so there will be two, three, or four times the number of enemies, nantines, weapons, etc). You WILL be able to hurt eachother with your guns, so there's nothing stopping you from turning it into a fragfest, you just can't win the game that way.

Again, send a letter to me, Digital Nightfall, with one question about the multiplayer patch. Try and be a little more creative then "When's it coming out?" Don't worry, that one WILL be on there.... :)

One last thing - this is an unofficial interview done as a favor, so there are no promises. They're a busy team, and may not be able to get to it. Just a disclaimer, so you all don't hang me (or them) if we don't get the answers for a while.

    Review of SS2 Demo at Strikezone - 02:30pm EST - James
Intrusion site: Strikezone.
Detected By: Aaron Eskam (Subject surrendered voluntarily).
Threat category
: Review of System Shock 2 Demo.
Threat analysis: Aaron Eskam has written a very positive review of the demo for Shock 2. Among the noteworthy opinions expressed, Aaron praised the skill and cunning of the AI: "This aspect alone plays a vital role in making the player feel like the hunted, instead of the hunter as in most other first person shooters."
Recommended Countermeasure: Target is classified friendly and should be accorded assistance as necessary.

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    First Impressions of SS2 at One Gamer's Voice - 02:30pm EST - James
Intrusion site: One Gamer's Voice.
Detected By: David Long (Target surrendered voluntarily).
Threat category
: First Impressions of System Shock 2.
Threat analysis: This would count as a full review at many sites. It is long, detailed, and very positive. One summation of the game: "This game is like a great film. It will affect you and take you somewhere you've never been. You'll be a part of the crew of the Von Braun. You will feel betrayed and left for dead. You will feel outnumbered a million to one with only a wrench and your wits keeping you alive." Excellent, thoughtful review - er, first impression.
Recommended Countermeasure: Target is classified friendly and should be accorded assistance as necessary.

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    Review of SS2 at Gamers Central - 02:30pm EST - James
Intrusion site: Gamers Central.
Detected By: Kyote.
Threat category: Review of System Shock 2.
Threat analysis: Chaos writes a very positive review of System Shock 2, praising everything from its atmosphere - Fear and paranoia all of a sudden seem to be your best pals, they just follow you everywhere." - to the GamePig: "Only trouble is that you may get a bit carried away with this little gadget and fail to notice that mutant creeping near."
Recommended Countermeasure: Target is classified friendly and should be accorded assistance as necessary.

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    SHODAN - System Shock Fan-art, by AliCapone - 02:10pm EST - Digital
Image: SHODAN (Get Shocked Twice)
Creator: AliCapone
Artist's Comment: "I did a "remake" of your left top shocking girl on your site. I thought a wallpaper of this kind of art would be great. Now here is the result. The image is (c)-free so retouch it if needed."
Sshock.com Remark: This is a very cool image that takes the concept of the "SShock2.com Chick" a little farther. It works well as a desktop background, like the artist said.
Archived at: Fanworks

    SS2 in Munich - Came and Gone! - 02:00pm EST - Digital
I just got word that Shock 2 was indeed released on the 18th in Munich, unfortunetly, it's sold out already! Don't fret though, more is on the way, supposedly the 20th.

    Wednesday - 8.18.1999
    Shock 2 ICQ Sound Scheme - by dabblerBLUE - 04:40pm EST - Digital
Binary: Shock 2 ICQ Sound Scheme
Creator: dabblerBLUE
Details: A Shock 2 sound scheme for ICQ, using sounds ripped from the game's archive files. This scheme is supposed to be much less anoying then the default one, but that's really not hard to do.
Archived at: SS2:/ MM-DB, sub-folder - Themes

    Tuesday - 8.17.1999
   System Shock "one amazing game" - 04:00pm EST - James
Intrusion site: GamesMania.
Detected By: FunkyBitch. Detection Window Narrowed By: GibMonkey, Cosmic.
Threat category: Review of System Shock 2.
Threat analysis: Jason MacIsaac, the self-proclaimed "world's biggest System Shock junkie", very clearly is also a System Shock 2 junkie. Among other comments, he notes of the level design that, "It's very easy to believe that people worked and lived in this place. It's uh...even easier to believe that they died in this place." He concludes, "If you at all like any of the following genres--action, RPG, and adventure, especially when they borrow elements from each other, this is the game you should be playing. Now if you'll excuse me, I haven't tried playing as a pure tech guy yet..."
Recommended Countermeasure: Target is classified friendly and should be accorded assistance as necessary.

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   System Shock: 100% - 04:00pm EST - James
Intrusion site: Antagonist Games Network.
Detected By: Namrok (as well as others, but he was the 1st - Dan)
Threat category: Review of System Shock 2.
Threat analysis: ANT Caustic rates System Shock 2 100%. Review includes the phrases: "It is as close to perfect as I believe a computer game can get."; and "System Shock 2 is the best game I have ever played."
Recommended Countermeasure: Target is classified friendly and should be accorded assistance if needed.

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   Flight Simmers Like System Shock 2 - 04:00pm EST - James
Intrusion site: DogFighter
Reporting Unit: Con Hantzopoulos
Threat category: Column About System Shock 2.
Threat analysis: A flight-sim junkie tries to explain why System Shock 2 is more engrossing than any flight sim: it has a plot, while flight sims feel "sterile".
Recommended Countermeasure: Site provides excellent inside information on possible converts. Study well.

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   "System Shock 2 is every bit as thrilling as the original" - 04:00pm EST - James
Intrusion site: Next Generation Online
Reporting Unit: Ken Levine
Threat category: Review of System Shock 2.
Threat analysis: Review is a tad short. While the reviewer is unimpressed by the graphics, "All these elements combine to create a mood so immersing that, before long, the technical issues dissolve, and the player is enveloped and involved in an often-terrifying and suspenseful plot."
Recommended Countermeasure: Site is currently friendly but shows signs of infiltration. Vigilance is necessary.

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    Monday - 8.16.1999
    Shock 2 Australian Release - Aug 18th? - 01:30pm EST - Digital
Good news for all our Australian Shockers:
Thought you may like to relay the following info to your readers (esp for the Australian ones like me) I phoned our local EA office yesterday and was informed SS2 will be released on Wednesday 18th Aug...in stores Thurs/Fri of the same week. Guess if anyone knows it will be EA.
Thanks for the info, Diseased! (I've also heard tell that it will be released in Munich on this same date. Thanks, Andre!)

    Irrational Games Site Updated - 01:30pm EST - Digital
It's not so much of an update as a refresh. The main menu image is sharper and cleaner, has the new logo, and there are four new press quotes. The only reason I mention it is, well, I run that site too... :)

    System Shock 2 Pulls In A 9.6 - 01:30pm EST - James
Intrusion site: Monolithic Illusions.

Threat category: Review of System Shock 2.

Threat analysis: Review gives a 9.6 out of 10 overall. Review characterized by phrases such as: "SS2 has what most shooters do not - a good story"; " virtually endless replay value", " I truly commend Looking Glass", and " One of the most remarkable aspects of SS2 is the AI."

Recommended Countermeasure: Target is non-hostile but all units should visit the site to ensure this remains the case.

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    3D Action Planet Reviews System Shock 2 Demo - 01:30am EST - James
Intrusion site: 3D Action Planet.

Threat category: Review of System Shock 2 Demo.

Threat analysis: Very positive review of demo from the heart of Quake-land.

Recommended Countermeasure: Target is non-hostile but continued vigilance is necessary.

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    Friday - 8.12.1999
    More Fun Stuff - SS2 Comic - 3:10pm EST - Digital
It seems one comic strip writer has the essence of SS2 addiction down to a T... :)

Check this out.

The guy sitting at the computer is me. Oh, and the answer to the question in the 2nd frame is 'no'. :) Thanks, Ian!

    Sleek, Cheap, Flammable, the UNN Chain Reaction! - 3:10pm EST - Digital
And now for some fun stuff.... :)
In celebration of System Shock 2 hitting stores, several members of the Shock team decided to launch their own "spaceship". 7 Photos(jpeg) and a file with humorous(well, at least to me :) ) captions. (don't worry, no spoilers).
Yeah, it's funny.... :) Download it here.

    British Released Date - September 17th? - 2:10pm EST - Digital
The UK release date, as well as the general European release date, has been thus far not officialy announced. I've heard, however, from a source that SS2 will be hitting UK shelves on September 17th:
. . . put down the date of the British launch of the System Shock 2 game. I went to Electronics Boutique today and they notified me that it will not be released until about 17th September. They are unsure if free posters might be included. Many of the latest games and consoles that are released in America and Japan are released at a later date here in the UK (which is unfortunate since UK have some of the best software development houses).
Note that EB was the place that told us SS2 will be released (in the US) on August 11th quite a long time ago. They were right then, and they could be right now. Thanks for the info, Yahya.

    Silly Ad Banner Messup in Netscape - 1:30pm EST - Digital
Yo Netscape users, a favor please? A while ago I put some ad code on a pile of page in this site at random. The code was supposed to be invisiable, but it messes up in netscape (making it quite visiable). I just got the replacement code that works fine in NS, but am not sure if I replaced all the occurances. Time restraints demand that I get onto other things. If you could, browse through your favorite areas of the site and check for the messed up code, and let me know if you find any? It would be at the bottom of the page. Many thanks to you all!

    Thursday - 8.12.1999
    Chat With Ken Levine & SS2 Team = Huge Success! - 4:30am EST - Digital
Could I get away with calling this the biggest congregation of System Shock fans anywhere ever? I think I shall. The chat session tonight (or last night, depending on how you look at it) was a huge success! A total of over 70 fans made in that night, along with about five or so members of the Dev team, aside from Ken Levine (it's also the first time the entire TTLG staff has been together in a chatroom at the same time!)

We discussed many, many topics in the chat. I can't do it much credit with a summary. Thankfully, our trusty bot, Moose, not only logged the entire thing, but put it into a really convenient HTML file.

Oh yes, and the StarChat network would like to thank everyone who attended. We helped them set a new user-count record! Cool eh?

Okay, so grab a soda and a bag of chips, and click on this link to read the chatlog!

    Search for the SS2 Posters - Where Can You Get One? - 3:45am EST - Digital
Oh no, accourding to a contact, there's a slight problem with grabbing those SS2 posters:
Not all EB stores got the posters. I called 7 within my state (Florida) and only 2 stores received them. Part of the problem is that the posters ship in a flat box that is not labeled.
I was able to get one, but Saam couldn't! Just keep your fingers crossed. Maybe if we bug EA a whole bunch, they'll offer them for sale...

    A System Shock 2 Walkthrough? What? Already? - 3:35am EST - Digital
Our SS2 CDs aren't even warm yet, and already someone has a strategy guide almost done! The Stratos Group contacted me to inform me that the Demo walkthrough is complete, and the full game walkthrough will be ready shortly.

Though I can't imagine why any of my guests would want to ruin their gaming experience by stooping so low as to actually read a walkthrough (hell, I did it for small parts of Baldur's Gate, shoot me!), I'll still put the link up, since they asked so nicely... :)

- The Stratos Group's System Shock 2 Guide

    New System Shock Fanwork - The Elite Cyborg - 3:10am EST - Digital
Mephistopheles has sent in a very cool new fanwork- a CGI rendering of The Elite Cyborg!

Now, I can't in good conscience urge anyone go look at a grotesque, mostly nude, male body, but since it's a really cool System Shock related image, I can make an exception this time... :)

    Skarz is Geek of the Week! - 3:00am EST - Digital
Our old pal Skarz, Goth Freak and SS2 level designer is the current Geek of the Week at Gamesutra. I wonder if he's having as much fun working on Descent 4 as he did making System Shock 2 a joy to behold.... :)

Oh, by the way, I got the toilet fixed. Bloody thing was leaking all over the place, especially into my father's office directly below it. He was quite displeased, to say the least.

    Wednesday - 8.11.1999
    System Shock 2 spotted in stores! - 6:30pm EST - Trimfect
Great news everyone! System Shock 2 has been spotted in stores! Now everyone go, run, get your own copy! Game should be in stores nationwide by friday, so basicly, the wait is over! Oh, if you are buying from EB, don't forget to ask for the poster.

On other note, the chat with some of the developers of SS2 is going to start in 2 hours and 30 minutes, so get your butt in #System`Shock`2 in polaris.starchet.net!

And why isn't Digi making this update? Well, he his fixing the toilet. That's right folks - the toilet. Uh...