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So who's involved in System Shock 2, what do they do, and what have they worked on in the past?

Patched together from a developer diary entry and a post on the message boards:

Irrational Games
Jon Chey
Project Leader/Programmer. Building psi powers. Plotting to secretly move the company back to Sydney while no one is looking. Worked on Thief, Flight 2

Rob Fermier (\"Xemu\")
Lead Programmer. Security cameras that can spot you and call in reinforcements. Wearing vintage Star Wars T-shirts and arguing about Die By the Sword. Worked on System Shock 1.

Ken Levine
Lead designer. Character generation design. Web page stuff. Press releases. Whining.

Nate Wells
Artist. Finishing hydroponics, building the best damn liquor bottle ever seen in a computer game. Worked on Thief

Mauricio Tejerina
Artist. Building ammo containers, lots of ammo containers. When given a stupid idea, he pretends he doesn't understand English.

Michael Swiderek
Artist. Textures, 3D Studio Max.

Matt Boynton
Level builder. Filling Engineering with monsters, objects, and other goodies. Acting out scenes from Quake 2 in his living room.

Ian Vogel
Level Builder, Thief. Filling MedSci with monster, objects, and other goodies.

Scott Blinn (Skarz)
Level builder: Building the command deck.

Artist. Putting objects in Recreation, drawing piles of radioactive goo. "

Gareth Hinds
Lead Artist. (lead artist): Building the player character. An incredibly complicated procedure. Worked on Flight and System Shock.

Mo cap guy. ("Motion capture" - ed.) Processing mo caps. Processing mo caps. Then, he goes home, takes a shower, and comes back and processes some more mo caps.

Producer. Coming up with groovy ideas for game music.

Shawn Swift
Level Builder. Worked on Duke Nukem, Duke it out in DC and Deer Hunter!

Kemal Amarasingham
Sound. Applying ambient sounds to the levels. Plotting worker's revolution. Worked on Thief, Golf, etc.

Michael Ryan (Solus)
Worked on Thief and is now a level builder for Shock 2 working on Hydroponics and is building the 3D-character generation sequence.

Looking Glass Studios
Eric Brosius
Sound. Making the once-grunts sound great. Negotiating higher salary for his wife Teri's voice acting. If this cannnot be worked out, SHODAN may have to played by Steve Guttenberg. Worked on System Shock, Terra Nova, Thief, etc.

LG side web page person.

Doug Church

Marc "MAHK" LeBlanc

Sean Barrett

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