Here's what we know about the enemies you shall face so far:

Protocol Droid: The RD/19 protocol series can be easily modified for a wide variety of uses, from personal assistant to chambermaid to registered nurse. They are fairly inexpensive to produce and are therefore extremely widespread both on earth and extra-planetary locations. The RD/19 exhibits a fairly serious design flaw, however, in that it's internal power plant is both cheaply made and inherently unstable; in rare cases, the unit has been known to combust spontaneously. While this problem has been addressed through mechanical workarounds, a fairly knowledgeable tech with bad intentions could restore the droid to its potentially dangerous condition.

Security Camera: With development split between the military and the consumer divisions of TriOp, the Sharpeye security camera was plagued with developmental problems from the start. Immobile and extremely fragile, these cameras provide security forces with images of activity throughout the Von Braun and the Rickenbacker. Trans Digital Video is transmitted to the security sub-systems where it is analyzed for a variety of pre-programmed hostile signatures. If a hostile is detected, an alarm is sounded and security forces are sent to the area to investigate. These devices perform with a near legendary shoddiness, however, and intruders are more likely to escape notice on the first sweep of the camera.

Weapons Platform Turret: Deemed excessive by TriOp, the UNN demanded that security turrets be installed in key places on the Von Braun. As the Von Braun was the first faster than light capable craft, it would also be travelling outside of patrolled space and be therefore vulnerable to attack and/or boarding by unknown assailants. What made the TriOp execs and the crew of the Von Braun uncomfortable, however, was the fact that the control codes to the turret's AI structures were only available to the military crew of the Rickenbacker, although numerous instances were documented of the turrets being sent offline by anonymous hacks. This unit is armed with the AM534/3 slug throwing unit. While deadly, the standard ammunition in the unit has minimal armor piercing capabilities (most likely as a precaution if one needed to be shut down by armored UNN marines).

Repair Bot: The R9/ORU Optimized Repair Unit (known as /"The Beaver/"), developed by CyberSci, a division of TriOp's scientific arm is primarily intended for industrial use. It is equipped with a 50,000 amp laser unit which is intended to facilitate small repair jobs in both atmospheric and zero G conditions. These units are repeatedly called upon to maintain and repair circuitry, ships systems and engineering components. The ORU is criticized for its minimal centralized computing power and is therefore often controlled by a nearby, independent processing unit

The Once Grunt / Hybrid: This guy makes up the backbone of The Many's assimilated army. They are a human infected with an annelid parasite, seen attached to their head & chest, which resulted in mind control & bodily mutations.

The Rumbler: Like the hybrid, but much more mutated into something much more powerful. They are big, fast, and cause you much hurt!

The Cyborg-Midwife: A cybornetic nanny for The Many's spores. Her presence is a mystery, since she is a cyborg, yet she is on The Many's side.

Cyborg Assassin: They blend into the shadows, move silently, and attack silently. People who played SS1 soon learned to hate these guys with a passion.

Spiders: Yes, giant ugly spiders!

Tiny guy with big head: I have no idea

Secutiry bot: They use the same chassis as the beaver bot, but they are rigged to kill.

Lab Monkeys: Their brains are showing, and they can use psionics!

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