To Do What's Right By: OoBeY


All of my troubles started on that damned day I boarded the Citadel. Well, no, i'd say all of my troubles started the day I boarded the UNN Rickenbacker. I was fresh out of Navy training, and looking forward to making my mark in history. "I will NOT be remembered as someone who came along for the ride on the Rickenbacker," I told myself, "what I WILL be remembered for, however, will be the service I perform to my country, to this ship, and to its passengers. I will not fall into the seedy grip of corruption, my purpose is to do whats right." I walked out into the shuttle bay, through the doors leading to the main body of the ship, and blanked out.
The next site that greeted me was the not-quite-cheery but not-quite-depressing blue of a Cryo Tube. I felt like hell, but one quick look around told me that hell was probably doing better than the ship I was on. Thus began the worst days of my life. Guided by "Dr. Polito," or, as I later found out, "SHODAN," I fought my way through both decks, never giving up, knowing that was I was doing had to be what's right, even if I really shouldn't have trusted SHODAN. The horrors i encountered were beyond description. Men, men who were once friends of mine had been horribly mutaed. I found myself at one point blowing the brains out of one of the closest people to me, my father. I observed all the stages of the mutation as i pushed deeper and deeper into the infestation, eventually, to the central brain of those damnable worms.
I spent hours fighting through the intestines of the huge entity known as The Many before I finally reached the brain. Wave after wave of creature i had to fend off while i slowly chipped away at it, onyl to finally be rewarded with a head-to-toe covering of worm-brain. I coughed it out, and downed a med hypo before jumping into the pit, only to recieve another head-ache, this time from the digi-bitch herself. A part of me felt a slight awe that such a masterminded plan could have ever been concieved, but the rest of me was disgusted. I eventually destroyed her core, marking her second, and last destruction, but my first bringing of her destruction. For little did i know that her AI core would keep sending out short-cicuited signals. As the last part of her, her memory sector, went up in a digital fire, the FTL engines mistakenly fired up, and turned me to the infamous hacker who would "first" destroy SHODAN.
I eventually fought my way past the Citadel, and a chronic dizziness, which, to this day, has never quite left. I suspect that replacing an entity in the Space-Time Continum can have a strange effect. I am now writing this on earth, alone in my apartment. The dizziness in our body is changing, but we realize we have always known it was nothing to fear. We are now heading out to the city, to continue our path through time. As always, we strive to do what's right, to do what's right for The Many.


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