The Beginning
By Thomas Gillett

Worldwide Newsletter
Today a startling event happened at the Ramsey Recruitment Center. A
person that was thinking about joining the Navy to get on to the Von Braun
was stopped today. An OSA agent heard his thoughts and sent some soldiers
after him. It appears this person was one of the fanatical group called the
humanists. When this person a Robert McArthur saw the soldiers running to
him he pulled out a smuggled Pistol out and wounded two soldiers of the
four. Robert McArthur is now in UNN custody pending his execution scheduled
next Tuesday, on all net channels and television news channels.

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We interviewed the OSA agent responsible for possibly saving hundreds of
lives of the Von Braun and possibly the ship itself. “Sir, what is it like
to hear someone’s thoughts?”

“Well it would be hard to explain to someone that is not in the OSA because
Psi is a phenomenon that takes years of training and study to fully
understand everything we currently know of the psychic phenomena.”

“How will they be able to prove what his intention were?”

“An OSA board will get into his mind and force him to tell the truth.”

“Who actually is the one who stopped Robert McArthur?”

“Well here is what happened. I was in this office and Mr. McArthur was
passing by towards the grav shafts and he looked toward the glass window of
my office. That second I leaped into his mind and saw what he wanted to do
so I got on the staff mic and ordered them to apprehend him. I then exited
my office and he pulled out a pistol he somehow smuggled past us and when
the four guards came he shot one in the shoulder and one in the leg. I shot
McArthur with a telekinetic bolt and that stunned him for a minute and the
other two guards ran to him and put handcuffs on his hands and feet so he
could not move.”

“Thank you for the interview, this concludes this weekly newsletter.”

Click Here to watch the interview. Click Here to learn more about the
damages done by the Humanists.


This has been a Worldwide Newsletter a FrenetiCorp subsidiary.

The Von Braun doctor looked away from the computer screen towards the med
bot that was awaiting hours. “Med bot 14, go get me some Yttrium, ummm
Chemical #5 for research on the biological disease alpha 9.8.”

The beautiful and elite ship Von Braun was in Earth’s Orbit waiting for two
more months to come so she could start her long journey.

Doctor Jason Thompson began studying the disease on his microscope and
taking notes and drawing pictures of what he saw. The med bot rolls up to
the doctor holding a round case holding the Yttrium he wanted. “Okay, thanks
med bot. Go recharge yourself and wait by table 1 for further orders.”

“Acknowledged Doctor Thompson. I will comply” The med bot goes to a recharge
station and then back to table 1.

Doctor Thompson takes his PDA out of his pocket and taps a few buttons and
turns on his personal medical log. “I will now put the Yttrium into
biological disease alpha 9.8 and view the results.” Ten Seconds later he
looks into his microscope. “The Chemical seems to have no effect on the
disease. End Log.” “Send message to UNN Medical/Sciences Division and tell
them that Doctor Jason Thompson requests the following monkeys for deep
space research *Doctor Thompson taps some information into his PDA* and that
I want a few hundred of them. Thank you in advance.”

His PDA started beeping and suddenly a beautiful blonde woman’s face came on
the screen. She was smiling but she looked tired. “Jason, do you want to
catch a movie tonight?”

“Sure but lets make it one we’ve already seen *he begins to smile* and then
you should get some sleep, you look tired.”

“Yeah, I had to work double shifts in the shuttle bay. I was prepping some
shuttles to be ready to go back to Earth and then the engine in one shuttle
blew a fuse and it took the second shift to get it working again.”

“Well I am done here for today so I will go meet you at your apartment in
fifteen minutes. See you then Roberta.”

“Okay, bye Jason.”

Eight months went by and the Von Braun was 678,000 miles away from Earth.
Jason Thompson is sitting at the bar on the Deck 5 Recreation Deck. Next to
him is his ex-girlfriend, current wife Roberta. They are in a quiet part of
the bar so they can talk alone.
“Roberta, I thought you should know something. I am a part of the humanists

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“Because I joined about a month or two before the Von Braun departed for the
journey and I have to be careful what I think and I couldn’t risk and OSA
agent sensing the knowledge in you. I learned from a friend in the OSA how
to block my mind from being read but you don’t know how. I hope you can
forgive me.”

“You should have told me. Why do you keep that med bot in sick bay if you
are a huminist?”

“Because it has a limited intelligence. I lowered it’s intelligence and made
it so it can’t think for itself and has to have orders to do anything at
all. So in a sense I put a leash on it.”

“You better not destroy any of my machines because if I have to work any
extra just to fix something you destroyed then I’m gonna take it out on

Four hours later Rebecca is sleeping in bed and Jason gets up and goes to
the computer at his desk. He taps in the logon sequence to hook up to
Xerxes. “Voice recognition on. Xerxes set the following information into
all protocol droids and MP droids. You droids are to change current vocal
parameters to use profanity and to disregard the first three set of orders a
person gives you and then do the fourth order and then wait after three and
repeat. Every three orders are to be different from each other and you are
to disregard orders that are the same. Set orders now command hack J-5

“New orders for Protocol and MP droids confirmed. Uploading orders to droids

Over the next month the engineering staff has been working around the hour
to fix the damages done by the Doctor but they never were able to find out
who did it. OSA agents on the Rickenbacker and Von Braun begin to make
investigations to try to find out who did the damage to the droids after the
droids have been fixed.

Half of the engineering staff is gathered in Shuttle Bay 2. An OSA officer
is walking around the crowds of nervous engineers ordered to meet there for
an investigation. The Command staff had already gone through this and so
did the med staff so this was just a routine in order to find out who
sabotaged the droids. The officer walked around in different directions
walking right up close to people and as he walked past people they sighed
because they knew they had nothing to worry about now. Then he walked up to
Rebecca and then he pointed to her and two marines that were near the door
grabbed her and took her up to security. They put her in a cell and turned
on the force field.

“Your husband Jason is a huminists? In my opinion he is the most likely to
be the one who sabotaged the droids.” The officer taps his PDA and opened
the Security channel, “This is OSA officer Mendo speaking, I want four
marines to meet me outside the elevator deck 2, medical. He goes to the
elevator and goes down to Deck 2 on the Von Braun. He opens the doors and
sees four marines with assault rifles out. He walks out of the elevator and
pulls out his PDA and accesses the maps to show them where Jason Thompson
works daily. “This is where the target, a Mr. Jason Thompson works. He is
to be apprehended and taken up to Security. I will go on ahead first and
immobilize him. If he somehow knows of our presence or intentions and turns
violent you are ordered to stop him but try to keep him alive.”

Officer Mendo walked through the long hallways and finally ended up in
medical and saw Jason sitting down in a swivel chair. Jason turned towards
Officer Mendo and suddenly a med bot came up to the officer and injected him
with something. Officer Mendo felt his legs feel heavier and heavier and he
began to get dizzy and he collapsed on the floor. Jason stood up and ran
out the door and three seconds later soldiers came around the corner. “Stop
now or we will be forced to shoot you!”

“Okay just don’t shoot. I’ll go peacefully.” He raised his hands and said,
“Well are we going or not?” The four marines took Jason up to security and
Officer Mendo was awoken by a female doctor.

“I’m glad to see you’re okay.” She had a nice warm smile on her face that
made him feel ten times better.

“Thanks to you. What was in that thing I was injected with?”

“Oh, it was a disease registered as….” She taps her PDA “Alpha 9.8, Jason
researched everything about the disease and made an antidote. He knew the
first symptom was falling asleep, other symptoms are terrible stomach cramps
and vomiting. You’re lucky he put in the time to make an antidote but I am
guessing he gave you that specific one because there is one.”

“Hmm, well I will have to question him. Perhaps later we could have a drink
on deck 5?”

“Umm, I’m sorry but I am going to be busy. I have research to do on these

He sensed that when he asked her out she felt scared and heard her thoughts
that she is scared of people with Psi abilities. He knew there was a lot of
people like that and it sometimes made him sick to his stomach but it was
something he had over time come to accept.

“I understand. Don’t worry, a lot of people are scared of me. Over time you
get used to it but every once in a while it makes you sick. I guess I
should go now.”

“Tell you what, how about tomorrow we do something?”

“Okay, I will meet you here at 1200 hours and we can go get lunch.” He
smiled and left to Security to question Jason and Rebecca.

A month later Jason Thompson is still in the brig because they could not
read his thoughts. They decided he would just stay there until either he
told them what they wanted to know or their voyage was ended. Rebecca
Thompson was allowed to go back to work but she was being closely watched by
the security cameras. They were now in orbit over a planet called Tau Ceti

Officer Damien Mendo was walking on the bridge of the Von Braun and he
accidentaly sensed what the Captain was thinking and he heard something
about annelids and life being found on Tau Cety 5. He kept what he knew to
himself because he did not want anyone to know what he was thinking. A week
later the droids started to self destruct at civilians and soldiers so
Officer Mendo went to the brig to talk to Jason.

“And to what do I owe this pleasure Officer Mendo?”

“How and why are the droids attacking people?”

“What are you talking about? How should I know, I am locked up in here and
so I would not be the most reliable source for information.”

“Somehow you got someone to hack into droids protocols and make them attack.
You may not admit it but I know that was you who changed the droids a few
months back. Changing them to speak profanity and not obey orders is one
thing but to make them kill members of the crew is terrible.”

“I honestly don’t know what you are talking about sir. So just go
investigate somewhere else you lazy son of a” Suddenly Officer Mendo sent a
psychic pulse which stunned Jason.

“Watch your tongue you pig.”

Officer Mendo went into down to the Hydroponics because he never went there
before and he wanted to see what it looked like. He opened the elevator
doors and he saw some weird orangish thing on the wall and floors. He went
closer and saw it was moving. Suddenly he heard something moving and what
he saw stunned him. It appeared to be a person but it had something along
his nick that went into the back of his head. It was carrying what appeared
to be a big pipe and then it saw him and ran at him. Officer Mendo ran to
the elevator and hit the doors button. Two seconds passed and then the doors
finally opened and he hit the elevator button to take him to Deck five, the
recreation deck. On his way to deck five he got an email from a Doctor

“I am Doctor Polito. An alien force is starting to breed on this ship and
they want to take over the ship and eventually take over Earth. I need you
to get to Deck five. There are some people there hiding from the threat and
some of them are beginning to make a transmitter to warn Earth but they may
need your help. They could use your protection.

“Okay, I was on my way on to that deck after being chased off of Deck three.
Where is this transmitter they are setting up specifically?”

“I am not sure you will have to find them and ask them yourself.”
“Okay, just wish me luck. I am at Deck five now so I will go now.”

“Okay good luck and god help us.”

Officer Mendo ran out of the elevator and saw the familiar site of deck
five. He saw some people through the window off into the distance. They
seemed to be running into the mall.

“Well I guess that would be the most logical place to hide it.”

He pulled out his Psi Amp and plugged it into his arm. He forgot about his
Psi Amp. If he remembered it he thought he might have been able to trash
that weird creature on Deck three. He began running across the large room
with a tall building in the center which he knew had an elevator in it but
it was a beautiful sight this room. He finally ended up at the mall and
when he got up to the mall doors he stopped. He sensed someone’s thoughts
just before he went in there, they knew he was coming and was going to shoot
when he came in. They thought he was one of those things. He yelled “I’m
not one of those creatures. I came here to help you guys set up the

Suddenly the mall doors opened up and two people came out, one with a pistol
and the other with an assault rifle. “Go see the people inside at the
garden in the mall. They will tell you what they need done.”

Officer Damien nodded and ran into the mall. This building was so confusing
to him he just had to check his PDA map. He finally saw the way to go and
started to run and finally he ended up at the Garden and he saw someone
standing and typing into his PDA. “Who are you?”

“Someone to help, does it really matter? I am an OSA agent.”

“Oh that is good. There is some people hiding out near the bulkhead near the
elevator. There are some of those monsters there and can you go help them?
I will get the transmitter programmed all I have to do is program some
passwords in now. I will tell someone to go put parts of it in paintings in
case my friend can’t get the transmitter passwords in. The transmitter is
far away but I have a friend close by so can you go help those people?”

“Okay I will go.”

Mendo ran and ran and he slowed down when he reached the hallway he was told
about. He ran into the hallway and turned right and saw one of the monsters
except this one had a shotgun. He thought of creating a cryokinesis bolt
and suddenly the Psi Amp began the charging and taking away some of his mana
and then suddenly he thought of shooting it and then the blue energy bolt
flew across the hallway and hit the monster in the head instantly killing
it. Then he heard something behind him and then it said “Are you joined”
and he turned around and saw it too was holding a shotgun and then two more
with shotguns came by. Suddenly one came from the direction of the hall
with the elevator and then that second he realized that he was…….dead.

In the cryostorage area a soldier wakes up from his cryosleep and gets an
email from a Doctor Polito. “Be careful, you just woke up from cryosleep.
You undergone surgery to have implants put in. An alien force has taken
control of the ship…..I am getting weird readings from that satellite dish
outside. It’s become unstable due to….move, take cover. It is about to

THE END…. Or is it?



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