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Shock 2 Fan Mission

Released: Apr2001

By: Doc4

Plot Description: It's late, after a long night of trauma work at the Manton Bay trauma center. Most of the incidents were minor accidents that are a common occurence due to the rigors of life in space. But a recent accident at Dock-7 brought in more than enough excitment for the medical staff.....
Additional Comments:
  • This is the first Shock 2 Fan Mission

  • Shock 2 Fan Mission

    Released: Jan2003

    By: icemann

    Plot Description: Three weeks later that moment came and the creatures of the many arose from their sleep and attacked the staff of Semper Fi. Within two hours the staff of Semper Fi were all but slaughtered or assimilated into the Many, and to make matters worse, shortly after the attack began Semper Fi`s security system "Xanatos" initiated quarantine procdures activating the facilities robotic security forces, with orders to shoot anything. Be it Alien or Human.
    Additional Comments:
  • Also includes the original DooM II version by the same author.

  • Shock 2 Fan Mission

    Released: Jan2005

    By: Blaydes99

    Plot Description: You are considered to be a cyber-nerd with your "R-grade implants".. after being employed by the UNN for their shoddy training sims, one day at work you see something that you shouldn't have. On your way home, a UNN hitman decides to take care of you. After a struggle, he tosses you from the shuttle into the city below, but you manage to grab his leg and bring him down with you! You awake in an alley and realize the the UNN thug is dead and you aren't. Might as well make the best of this and scavenge some "supplies". You know a little about hacking and how operate and maintain some firearms. You've even dabbled a little in Psi. You shouldn't have too much trouble making due, right? The UNN building is nearby, the sun is setting and a big storm is brewing ... see if you can get inside and perhaps get a few answers. (The gardens are accessible through an elevator somewhere in the UNN facilty. Their high elevation gives you a nice view of the night sky but also a nice cold breeze to keep you awake)
    Additional Comments:
  • A slick UNN facility, cyber-shop, mini-mall, and exclusive gardens.
  • Enjoy your mission across two levels, interconnected by an elevator.
  • New cool skybox, courtesy of Zylonbane!
  • New emails and audio logs to immerse you into the adventure (in progress)
  • A fresh yet loyal System Shock 2 experience.

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