Here are a list of all the resources for ShockEd on wiht the resective authors.
If anyone has any other resources please Email Me


The actual editor, you need this to build FMs


Unstripped Shock2 missions
These are the actual SS2 missions with the brushes


Custom ShockEd Menus
A set of nice custom menus for ShockEd

Dave Angel 2.2KB  

Shock2 Texture Browser
A very useful resource, shows all the ss2 texutres with their names.

Dave Angel 1.2MB  
  Thief Media Edit V1.0
A nice program made for Thief (but works with ShockEd as well). Allows you to browse the crf files without extracting them. Very useful.

Bed 366K  
  The ShockEd FAQ
A nice FanMade ShockEd FAQ.
A Word version of this can be found

Doc4 HTML Page  
  Ambient Sound List
A nice item showing all the abient sounds in SS2

Doc4 12KB  
  SS2 Texture Broswer
Another texture browser for SS2. Very useful

Larson 3.9MB  

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Electronic Email Addresses.
David Cornish / Tim Hall

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