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    Saturday, July 27, 2002
    The Y-Project Concept art - 9:22:14 AM EST - Fat Burrick
A new game in the works from Westka Interactive, The Y-Project, shown at E3 earlier this year has some new concept art and screenshots for you to have a look at. The story behind it seems very intruiging, and the approach to gameplay styles looks good, too:

"Alternative solutions - either military or scientific - are possible to solve the puzzles and problems that you confront and the different quests and sub-quests that you embark upon."

Keep checking for any updates, this looks like a very interesting game that i'm sure you Shock fans will enjoy!

    Sunday, July 14, 2002
    The Thing: Part 2 QA at Eurogamer. - 3:20:38 AM EST - Dave
Eurogamer have posted up the second part of their Q&A session with The Thing's senior producer Chris Hadley.
The Thing From Another World is the followup article to Fear and Loathing in Antartica.
Here's an excerpt:

You don't have to spend long with The Thing to realise that this game is definitely going to be on the receiving end of an 18 certificate. Whether it's the blood-splattered sets, the gruesome monsters, or the way your men react to them, vomiting or cracking up and shooting themselves when faced with too many horrors, there's plenty here to upset the ratings board.

Check it out!

    Saturday, July 13, 2002
   Tron 2.0: New Screens - 10:38:35 AM EST - Dave
Gamespot have gotten 4 new screens for the Monolith developed sci-fi action game Tron 2.0.
These new shots show off some of the engine's more advanced effects, inspired by the 1982 movie, Tron.

Check the screens out, they look great! Reassignment. - 10:29:48 AM EST - Dave is being reassigned. With System Shock 2 being quite old now, and little chance of seeing Shock 3 anytime soon, is now moving to cover all aspects of Sci-Fi gaming.
From the Halo PC port by Gearbox and the fantastic looking Tron 2.0 in development over at Monolith to the Massively Multiplayer Neocron and The Thing, will bring you the news as it happends on these games and more!

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