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    Friday, January 28, 2000
   Vote for Shock 2 at Games Domain! - 8:51:20 PM EST - James
Games Domain has opened the voting on its 1999 Game of the Year Cup. Go vote! System Shock 2 and Flight Unlimited 3 are in the running.

    New Shock 2 Icons and Sound Scheme - 6:42:56 PM EST - Dan
A man named Gent1eman L0ser has a pair of Shock 2 themed downloadables for us today. The first is the second edition of his icon pack, this time featuring chemicals, organic researchable items, gadgets, and a collection of images that were not used in the game. You can download the new pack here, and download the first edition here. He also sent in a collection of wave clips from the game meant to be used as a desktop sound scheme. This zip can be downloaded here.

    Updated Version of the Shock 2 WinAmp Skin - 6:24:42 PM EST - Dan
Juhana Uuttu's awesome Shock 2 WinAmp skin has been updated! The graphics for the mixer have been much improved. This is the only WinAmp skin I use. I seriously recommend it to everyone. preview it. Download it.

   System Shock 1 Fan Story - Ghiran - 6:03:19 PM EST - Dan
I'm glad someone finally did this. Today I've uploaded a System Shock 1 fan-story. It's a very brief tale detailing Abe Ghiran's last stand. To refresh your memory, Abe was the guy who made three attempts to breach the security level before dying in his hideout on the maintenance level. You use his severed head to access his office via retina scanner. Check it out!

   Original Shock 2 Fan Artwork by Muzman - 5:15:35 PM EST - Dan
It's always good to get a new piece of original artwork. This one is from Muzman, and I shall spare you the text description. Just look at it. It's called "Regarding Oneself". Thanks, Muz!

   And Shock Gets an Ironic Award too... - 7:46:39 AM EST - James
GamerX at awarded System Shock 2 his Most Overlooked Game Award - the "Man, this game rocks, but nobody bought it" prize. Unlike most of his prizes, GamerX actually seems to like the product in question here.... and I hope the comment on low sales is untrue!

   Shock 2 Makes Out Like a Bandit at C|Net - 12:54:06 AM EST - Dan
In the words of Stubbs, "Shock2 made out like a bandit at GameCenter..."

SS2 was given the award for not only the best action game, but also Game of the Year! I guess the folks at C|net know their stuff, eh? The Action game award is here, and the Game of the Year award is here.

Ant also pointed out that you can vote for SS2 here for the readers choice awards.

   Shock 2 Tale: Sundiata, By Seldavia - 4:41:20 PM EST - Dan
We have another new System Shock fan story to display today. It was written (or should I say is being written?) by Seldavia, a friend of a friend. The title is Sundiata, and it's definetly original and unique. Here are some of the author's notes:
The name Sundiata is taken from the name of a legendary African hero, who founded the Kingdom of Mali. Shodan, the Von Braun, Rickenbacker, etc are all taken from the game System Shock 2, which is copyrighted by Irrational Games Inc. This is purely fan fiction and no profit is being made by this little brainstorm (or light shower).

Sundiata is a little different from the usual SS2 fanfic (fans of Khisondhanna can testify to my habit of going off on tangents). It may seem weird at first and you will probably notice that a number of SS2 "facts" seem to be wrong; but keep in mind that the story is written in the first person perspective of an original character (ie she will figure out what's really going on after a few chapters), and it takes place after most of the SS2 events occur.

I actually read it, and it is very unique, which is also very cool. I liked it, and I hope you do too. Thanks, Seldavia!

   Shock 2 Multiplayer Briefing Room - 4:31:35 PM EST - Dan
Julian (aka fINALfREAK) has designed a website which he calls the multiplayer briefing rooms. It's point is for multiplayer game matchmaking and coordination. It has an original and attractive design. I hope it works!

   Vote for Shock! - 9:16:09 AM EST - James
Computer Gaming World is holding a Top 40 Vote - and Shock (along with Thief and FU3) is on the list.... go vote!

    System Shock 1 FAQ - 8:03:01 PM EST - Dan
BlueLightning has finally finished his System Shock 1 FAQ. This doc, over a year in the making, contains a very long list of questions and answers, ranging from gameplay hints and tips, to game universe lore and in-jokes. If you've never played SS1, and there really is no chance of you ever doing so, I recommend you read this document to familiarize yourself with SS2's heritage.

   Mod Development for System Shock 2 - 7:52:57 PM EST - Dan
I have been asked to deliver a message from a person whom I can only identify as calling himself "Frag Mayhem":
I may be starting a Mod development for System Shock 2. This depends if I get a good, commited team going. My goal is to make a conversion of some of the weapons/Items/psi powers/ and maybe enemies too. With multiplayer, I may be able to edit the multiplayer skins. While all of this is speculation, I do have a pretty good idea of what I need and what things are going to be changed. I am commited to this and I need a commited team. This game is a good game to work with because of the simplicity of the game engine (So far what I've seen). Its easy to learn and I can have just about any dumb fool who's put the cheats in once or twice making custom binds and *.cfg files within half an hour or so. Also I would like anyone who is interested in joining to have some real-time way of communicating (ICQ, AOL, AIM etc.). You dont need to be on the Irrational game team to join this(Hey that wouldn't hurt though LOL). This is going to succeed and if you join you'll be in Shock 2 history to be the first people to make a Mod for the game. If you really want to join and help me work on this then send me an email at . Thank you for your time in reading.

    Shock 2 Multiplayer Game Announcement - 7:49:54 PM EST - Dan
Hackmaster1 wishes for all members of the team UESDS (United Earth Space Defense Soldiers) to know that there will be a game going on this Friday the 21st at 4:00pm pacific time. Enjoy!

   Shock 2 Gets More Fame - 3:58:11 PM EST - Dan
Some news and a correction. Shock 2 was given a 'King of The Hill' award at Antagonist Online. I'd check it out myself, but the site makes my browser lock up. Is that their fault or mine? heh.

Also, I need to note that PCXL did not give SS2 a game of the year award. They gave GotY to a game who's main competitor is far superior to it, but I digress. Rather, Shock 2 was given game of the year in the "Golden Crack Pipe Awards," which is a special invention by one of the mag's writers. I think that's pretty cool.

Thanks Nick, Pyro, and Krspence10.

   Shock 2 Nabs Game of the Year at PCXL - 10:46:59 PM EST - Dan
Shock 2 Sweeps up more awards in PC Accelerator (PCXL), dead tree edition Feb'00. Here's a list of what it was given: Game of the Year, Best Sound, Best Single Player. Wow. Sounds like it pretty much dominated, eh? Too bad no one takes PCXL seriously, not even itself. Thanks for the info, Chrysophylax!

    Shock 2 - Special Achievement in Sound - 10:42:54 PM EST - Dan
System Shock 2 was given a Special Achievement in Sound award at GameSpot's 1999 awards list. Shock 2 was nominated for Best Story, and RPG of the year. But it's not over yet - Go Vote on the readers choice ballot! Thanks for the info, Andrew!

Also notable is that LGS's Flight Unlimited 3 was nominated for best sim.

   ZDTV Recognizes Shock 2 - 11:33:34 AM EST - Dan
Shock 2 made an appearance on ZDTV recently, in their list of the best games of the year. You can check out a real time clip of the section at this location.

Props go to Ani for the let-know. Thanks!