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    Monday, January 29, 2001
   New Email Address - 4:19:35 PM EST - BigDave
Due To Yahoo! Mail being a little picky with my new house I have had to get a new email address, this one is nicely realted to System Shock.
In future any corespondance to me can be sent to
Thanks and Keep sending your FanWorks in!

   FanArt from Kasakitis - 12:17:38 PM EST - BigDave
We have a piece System Shock/Thief Hybrid from Kasakitis today. It comes in two flavours 1152 x 1024 and 1600 x 1200
Cheers Kasakitis!

    FanArt Legacy of Shodan by Caprice - 5:40:25 PM EST - BigDave
We have some new Artwork today from Caprice "Kami"!
It is called Legacy of Shodan

Thanks Caprice!

   Skin: RealJukebox by Dan Goodman. - 1:53:29 PM EST - BigDave
We have a new skin today for RealJukebox.
It is by Dan Goodman and is called TriOptimumMplayer.rjs

Cheers Dan!

   No MeshScale files for ShockEd - 3:17:39 PM EST - BigDave
Sad but true, the rtg and .e files used bye Shodowspawn's Meshscale program are lost in Virtual Heaven (or hell!) as this email from Irrational Games' Jonathan Chey, lead designer on Irrational's Freedom Force shows...
The Shock .e & .rtg files are lost somewhere in the ether. It's sad but true. We, Irrational, don't own any of the Shock source so we didn't take it with us when we finished Shock. LG kept this stuff on their server and it all seems to have disappeared when they went out of business...

So it looks like we are destined to a life of regular sized hybrids... :(

   DreamCast Conversion Update! - 3:00:25 PM EST - BigDave
I just go this in an email from Vatical Entertainment who are behind the port of Shock2 to Dreamcast.
David, I am sorry, but the game has been put on hold for a while and there is really no information that I can give out at this time. If you woul like, contact me again in a month or two and hopeflly I will know more.

So there we go, straight from the horses mouth so to speak!
Keep tuned for more updates as We get them!!

   We need your help!! - 3:04:02 AM EST - UnderTow
Sign up for a SS3 petition.. Sign up here!

65 people already has but we need more. So everyone who loves SS games must sign and chances are a SS3 game can be made.
Thanks to Greg "potatothief3" Langham for the email

   FanArt from Crion - 1:42:35 AM EST - BigDave
Crion has sent us three pictures for the fanart section!

They are AlphaShock, ShodanCircit.jpg, and ShodanFace

Thanks Crion!

   Dreamcast Conversion Delayed - 1:54:10 AM EST - BigDave
I just got hold of thie news from
Vatical Entertainment has informed us that the PC-to-DC port of System Shock 2 will not hit the Dreamcast until Q1 2001. System Shock 2 is considered to be one of the best single-player experiences to be had on the PC and is a clever mix of a first-person perspective with RPG elements (and now has a scarily similar fate to another PC-to-DC delayed port of an FPS, Half-Life

   ShockEd Area Up and Running - 3:25:07 PM EST - BigDave
After a good repsonse from the TTLG forums goers I was able to put together the ShockEd area of the site is now open for business!!!

If anyone has any other tutorials, Demo Missions, Fan Missions or other System Shock related work please Email me with details

   New Tutorials - 3:23:47 PM EST - BigDave
We have a set of tutorials to go with in the ShockEd site!
Thankyou to the authors for these!

    Demo Missions - 3:18:07 PM EST - BigDave
Now that the ShockEd site is open, we have a few Demo missions for your pleasure!
Thanks to the respective shocklings for these! They are to be found Here

    VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! - 4:03:12 AM EST - UnderTow
Vote for System Shock 1 & 2 at Gamespot's favorite games of all time! The results will be posted in the March 2001 issue of CGW. Help the System shock games get a good rank. Vote for SS1 here Vote for SS2 here Thanks Despot.

   Warning- Shock Hacker resumes - 4:32:34 PM EST - JediK
If you have a System Shock website beware... It has been brought to my attention that the hacker behind the shodangames 'incident' is at it again...

    Mp3: Leave Her World Alone - 2:21:55 PM EST - BigDave
The first Mp3 of the New Year is here

Leave_Her_World_Alone.mp3Leave Her World Alone (Mix by Isaev V. ) -
Samples from both Shock games and the artist's own arrangement make up this cool mix!
Length: 7:30
Size:7.1Mb Meg
- A great contribution. Thanks Isaev V!

    The Shock Project - 5:51:19 AM EST - JediK
I'm in charge of The Shock Project which is a team of mostly teens that are making an unoffical ss3...

I plan to also add a page for it here...

The main sites as of now are and the ss3 ideas and conecpts page on the ttlg forums...

email me if you have any questions:

    New Management! - 2:12:18 AM EST - BigDave
Hi everybody, Yes it is true, is under new management after Saam, Digi and the rest of the TTLG team decicded they did not have enough time to give the site the attention that it deserves Over the coming weeks the new team will rejuvinate the site and bring it up to date and hopefully to the success of The Circle. ShockEd will be quite possibly the most important section on the "new" site.

Saam is currently constructing a new FM database for both and

For those of you who have already made or are making System Shock 2 FMs, you can Email me with details, and I'll look at finding a place to upload them whilist the archive is being built.

If anyone has any FanArt, FanFics, Walkthroughs, news and anything else to do with the System Shock series then you too can Email me with details and I'll get them up on the site ASAP.

The team hopes to rejuvinate, but needs YOUR help in doing so.

Regards, BigDave "The Team".