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    Tuesday, October 31, 2000
   System Shock 2 Production Images - 12:04:40 AM EST - Saam
Mike Ryan, an LG-alum (worked on Thief series and Shock2) who now works at Mad Doc Software, has posted some System Shock 2 production images that he had archived somewhere, over at our forums. I suggest you check it out, some things look pretty nice!

    Bringer of The Many, By Reebus - 2:10:38 PM EST - Jyre
Reebus has written - with the help of an un-named friend - the start of a new fanfic entitled Bringer of The Many. This piece of work will be presented in two viewpoints - the Hackers and the Psycics. The first installment comes from the view of the Hackers.

    Shock 3 Petition at ShodanGames - 8:57:30 PM EST - Dan
Update: This site has been hacked, sadly, and part of the hack prevents the owners from fixing it. Hopefully things will be okay soon.

ShodanGames is doing a petition for Shock 3. Anyone who thinks they have a chance in hell should go over there and vote. Go go go!

Wow, October is quite the month for Shock news, eh?

   Newspaper and Comic from Dustin Halstead - 7:54:40 PM EST - Dan
This is certanly amusing and actually rather funny. Dustin Halstead has sent in a bit of work he's done, in the form of a newspaper front page and a comic from the world of System Shock (2). Thanks, Dustin, is way cool. :)

Newspaper Front Page

TriOptimum Political Cartoon

   Seldavia's Sundiata Updated - 7:37:53 PM EST - Dan
Wow, six posts this month so far. Woot. Anyway...

Seldavia would like for everyone to know that her Shodan inspired story, Sundiata has been updated. If you like interesting and unusual stories, you'll like this one. Enjoy!

   The System Shock Hack Project - 1:31:59 AM EST - Saam
I'm not really sure if I've posted about this in the past, so I'll do it now. There is a really cool and ambitious project that is being head up by Jim, dubbed "The System Shock Hack Project". Just what is this project? Basically, he is re-writing Classic Shock in his own proprietary engine, under a Unix/Linux environment.

Check his page for more information, including screenshots and downloadable source code. Thanks!

   Discovery: System Shock TC for Half-Life - 1:08:27 AM EST - Saam
Apparently, there is a System Shock TC (total-conversion) being made for the Half-life engine, according to the official project site. From my understanding, this project will not be a remake of any sort, but rather a "System Shock 3". Also, according to this thread over on the Shock 1/2 General Discussion forum, they are looking for more people to join the team. So if you can offer any help or are interested in seeing what the project is all about, go and take a look-see. Thanks!

    Week 2: Looking Glass Newsletter - 7:21:29 PM EST - Saam
As promised, here is the second installment of the newsletters of Looking Glass that were acquired by us a while back. For the details, check out this newsitem.

Here is Week 2!

Note: Some ways down the article, they mention an official name for their newsletter. Check it out, it relates somewhat to us. :)

   New Weekly Feature - 8:31:31 PM EST - Saam
We at TTLG have a little secret to share: back in late May when Looking Glass unfortunately folded, a anonymous person at the company sent us a collection of documents. Just what were these documents? Apparently, the team at Looking Glass started an in-house weekly newsletter, where they discussed happenings inside the company, development updates on their games, and so on. They date back to around 1993, and we now have these in our possession!

I'll let the documents speak for themselves. For nostalgia's sake, we will keep them in their original form -- unedited and in .txt file format. Check out the first installment here. Look for a "new" issue every Friday from now on, until we run out of them -- I won't tell you how many we have, though. :) Thanks!

   Old Looking Glass Interview - 3:09:46 PM EST - Saam
Many thanks to The_Thief (in the #thief IRC channel) who dug this up way deep from the old archives -- we now have in our hands a very old interview which GameBytes conducted with Paul Neurath and Doug Church, during the development of Ultima Underworld 2 (yeah, it's that old!). It's a very in-depth interview which -should- take the reader down the memory lane, so I highly recommend it. Thanks!