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    Wednesday, October 16, 2002
   New Fanart from EvilKodiak! - 1:28:37 AM EST - Dave
Evil Kodiak has sent in some awesome System Shock art!
The first of the two is called Ambush, and the second is entitled Shodan.
They look down-right fantastic, I suggest you chek 'em out!

Thanks EvilKodiak! :)

   System Shock-type mod for Neverwinter Nights - 1:25:26 AM EST - Dave
Binary Hero has sent word of a new System Shock-type mod that he has started for the RPG Neverwinter Nights:
I am starting a System-Shock-like mod for Neverwinter Nights, based on the same sort of ideas (abandoned spaceship, rogue AI etc.), and I am looking for as much help as I can possibly get, from people to sit around slagging us off, 3d modellers, texture artists, graphics artists, scripters, coders...anyone. If you have ever played the System Shock games or Neverwinter Nights you can probably help. You can contact me at our 'official' forum is) or at
Thanks for the enws Binary Hero, good luck with the mod!

   Old Habit;s Never Die Storyline Posted! - 1:20:33 AM EST - Dave
John Brough, the head of Old Habits Never Die, the System Shock/Deus Ex mod has announced that their storyline has been posted for public viewing:
We have posted "Harbinger's Folly", the backstory for OHND that ties SystemShock to DeusEx, and also added a viewpoint gallery to view models.

Harbinger's Folly -available in different formats and is quite long, 23 pages, but covers the 20 year gap between DeusEx (2052) and System Shock (2072). ViewPoint Gallery has some of the models that will be seen in our MOD.

Thanks for the update John!

   TTLGear is here!! - 11:19:30 PM EST - MsLedd
Yes, that's right... The very first edition of the much-anticipated Official TTLGear is now available for purchase at the TTLG Online Store.

People have been screaming about it for months, and it's finally here! The first TTLGear design item is a high-quality T-shirt. Depending upon interest and positive feedback, we will add other items to the list of available "Stuff".

You wanted it, now GO GET IT! Be the first on your block to sport the latest in L33T-ware, let the world know that "Everything Else Is Ass".
(oh and support TTLG)

Kudos to Gingerbread Man for the AWESOME flagship design!!

    Y-Project Cancelled - 1:14:27 AM EST - Dave
Westka Interactive, developers of the Y-Project closed their doors for the final time on October 1st 2002.
Unfortunatley, unless another developer picks up the Y-Project then the game is destined never to be released. You can read more at the official Y-Project Website.

Thankyou to the number of people who emailed me the news hot off the press.