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    Saturday, October 09, 2004
   TTLG's BioShock Site Launched - 11:37:00 AM EST - Dave

I'm pleased to announce that our very own BioShock site has been launched, and can be found here.

We'll have all the latest news on Irrational's BioShock, as well as screenshots, videos, exclusive interviews (hopefully), and much more, so visit back often!

   Fanfiction by Craig Linwood - 5:44:52 AM EST - Dave
Craig has send in a story he has written titled Artificial Eden. You can grab it from our Fanworks section or from a direct link here
Thanks Craig!

    BioShock announced - 7:48:55 PM EST - D`Arcy

Well, it's not System Shock 3... but it could be its 'spiritual successor'.

Gamespot has announced Irrational newest project, BioShock.

Although not a sequel of any of the Shock games, it will be a survival horror game, with RPG elements, so the genre will certainly be welcomed by shockers. In the words of Ken Levine, "I guarantee: fans who like System Shock 2 will like BioShock".

    Could it be System Shock Three? - 12:06:54 PM EST - Dave

Well, it could be.

Yesterday Gamespot posted an article titled A System Shock 2 Retrospective, which is an excellent read focusing on the development of Shock2. It is the last paragraph that is interesting and I'll quote it here:

But why even look back at System Shock 2 at this point? Because Irrational has been, and it plans to make a related announcement this Friday (tomorrow). The studio has decided that it wishes to further what it started in System Shock 2--to work on games that promote "emergent" gameplay--open-ended exploration that offers many choices and combinations of options to players. You'll see what we mean tomorrow. Be sure to come back then.

Is it Shock 3 or not? Join the debate in our forums!

Thanks to the various people who mailed us with the news.

    Texture Memory Fix for System Shock 2 - 4:40:55 PM EST - D`Arcy

bobruck has made a fix for the annoying texture memory error that usually happened when trying to run SS2 using the nVidia graphic cards drivers version 5x.xx or above. The file is available here.

Download it, and run shock2fixed.exe instead of shock2.exe, which will probably mean changing your start menu shortcuts. And make sure you have a legit copy, with the full 2.3 patch installed.

Great work bobruck!

    New artwork from RocketMan - 4:11:00 PM EST - D`Arcy
RocketMan has announced in the TTLG forums a new piece of Shock artwork: Despondent. Nice work RocketMan!