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    Friday, November 24, 2000
   Shock 2 Commands Dump - 11:32:08 AM EST - Dan
Zail along with Alfred Chu has put together a list of the commands you can enter in during a Shock 2 game from the console (you can get to that by hitting Shift ;), as well as useful descriptions. Some of these fall into the realm of 'cheat codes' while others are like nifty little tricks you can try. Enjoy.

    Gent1eman L0ser's Complete Icon Pack - 12:45:14 AM EST - Dan
Gent1eman L0ser has completed his fourth and final icon pack, this time including all the icons of the other packs in this one complete collection.

This collection includes icons made from all in-game item icons, as well as wall decal and screen art.

   ShockEd Lift & Grav Shaft Tutorials - 12:13:57 AM EST - Dan
Disenchanted has created a tutorial explaining how to make Grav Shafts similar to those used in Shock 2. The technique should also work in Thief 1 and 2. Let me know if it does not.

Also, HKPrince has made two lift demo maps (Lifts and SpecLift) for use with Shock 2 Dromed. These may also work with Dromed for Thief 2, but also may not.