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    Thursday, November 29, 2001
    Fanworks, Fanworks, and.. erm.. more Fanworks - 2:21:48 PM EST - Fat Burrick
We have some new (or old ) fanworks for you lucky lot. The first comes from Alex Davidson and is called Return of SHODAN. The second is from Sam Morrison called Insect. Our last, but by no means, least is from Druxinor entitled Dischord amidst the song.
Have fun reading!

   A Colour Gamepig! - 1:57:24 PM EST - Dave
Here is something a little different!
Shadow Guardian has created a standalone Colour Gamepig based upon the System Shock 2 Gamepig. Wow!
Thanks Shadow Guardian!

   FanArt From MidV! - 1:51:33 PM EST - Dave
MidiV has created a desktop for out Fanworks section, he calls it Tri-Op Desk
Thanks MidV!

   FanArt From mr_thanos. - 1:36:14 PM EST - Dave
mr_Thanos has sent in great desktop of his! It is entitled Vaun Braun and is available in out Fanworks section in two resolutions; 800 by 600 and a larger 1024x768
Enjoy! Thanks mr_Thanos!

   Shock 1 Art for sale! - 2:42:19 AM EST - Dave
Robb Waters, Ex- Looking Glass and now of Irrational Games has put up three pieces of System Shock 1 Art from the I.C.E Breaker Official Origin Hint Book
Threre is Diego Borg, Assassin and Warrior Borg. Nice!

    Sshock2: Game with Atmosphere! - 5:24:22 PM EST - Dave
Gamespot has their Game Collector series on Games with Atmosphere.
This is what they had to say about Shock2:
This very creepy game combines elements of action and role-playing into an intense sci-fi gaming experience. You'll explore a seemingly deserted derelict spaceship in an effort to discover what happened to its crew. Along the way, you'll soon learn that you're not alone and that the walking dead are apparently among the ship's remaining inhabitants.

Shock2's brothers and sisters and cousins Thief: The Dark Project, Thief II: The Metal Age and Deus Ex made it into the list also!
Thanks to OvErboRed Overlord for pointing this out!