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    Thursday, November 21, 2002
   New FM "Ancient" by icemann - 12:29:42 PM EST - Fat Burrick
Hey guys! icemann has finished his Shock2 FM "Ancient" and is ready for download!
Head on over to the forums for details.

   No Spider Patch Update! - 2:18:19 AM EST - Dave
Jocke has updated his No Spiders patch for System Shock 2. You can get it here!

Thanks Jocke!

   Shock 2... Without the Spiders! - 1:17:19 AM EST - Dave
For all of you who are scared of spiders (in Shock2 at least) there is a God. His name is Jocke and he has created a No-Spiders patch for Shock2!

It is a new Gamesys, the .gam file in your shock2 dir that holds all the properties for every item in the game world, for Shock2 that destroys the spiders as soon as they are created, so you'll never see them!
Many thanks to Jocke for this.