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    Saturday, November 29, 2003
   More Wishful System Shock 3 Wishing - 3:09:30 AM EST - Dan
I saw on RPGDot that they saw on that they saw an article on in Russian. More or less it talks about how Warren Spector of ION (and part of the SS1 team once upon a time) still has his eyes set on System Shock 3. Here's what babel fish had to say about it.
Otvechaya to questions of our associates from Germany, Warren spectrum (Warren Spector) described about the difficult fate System Shock 3. According to Uorenna, it constantly associates with the creators of the previous games of series, attempting to find possibility for the realization of project. Spectrum constantly associates with Dugom Cherchem (Doug Church), and seven former colleagues Looking Glass now work in Ion Storm. Furthermore, the majority of creators System Shock 1 and 2 (including, the robe Of firmira and Mark leBlank) several times per month are encountered after the friendly party into the table games. So that interest in the development they remain and all await signal at the beginning of the production of project.
Is it really newsworthy? Probably not. Actually I'd rather see ION Storm or Irrational Games just cool their heals about the legal nightmare and start out with a fresh new property and make an intense survival-horror cyberpunk thriller game that puts as much emphasis on hacking and cyberspace exploration as Thief does on sneaking... but then again, maybe they're just waiting for me to do it myself. :)

   TTLG Jukebox Restored - 4:23:04 AM EST - Dan
I'd like to let everyone know that the files in the TTLG Jukebox have now been restored. Browsers can now download mp3s of music from the Ultima Underworld series, System Shock series, Thief series, and Terra Nova.

And a big thanks to Dennis Nixon for the hosting. :)

   Shock 2 High Res Texture Mod - 4:15:03 PM EST - Dave
Hot on the heals of Cyberblutch's Rebirth High Detail AI Models Mod comes the first part of ZylonBane's High Resolution Texture Mod.
You really need to download this alpha version and check out Ops1 and the Mall on the Recreation Deck now! It's excellent!
Excellent work, ZylonBane!