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    Friday, December 31, 1999
   Shock 2 Millennial Fan-made Movie - 1:21:15 AM EST - Dan
This is a new type of fanwork. Markus Asad has sent in a movie he made, with the description of "What will happend to shodan at millenium." Interesting, eh? The download isn't too big, just 1.0 megs. Want it? Grab it.

    Shock 2 Prequel Story up at Desslock's - 12:52:15 AM EST - Dan
Hey, this is -very- cool. Ken Levine has written up a bit of System Shock game fiction in the form of a prequel short story. I won't spoil it for you by telling much, but note that it starts off with Delacroix. Check it out! A big thanks goes to Desslock and Gamespot for hosting this.

    Shock 2 Nabs 2nd Place on Sharky's Top 10 List - 1:01:58 PM EST - Dan
Sharkey Extreme has done a Top Ten First Person Shooters list. Taking the prize for second place is our game System Shock 2. It's it great how a game that's not really a shooter can beat out Quake 3 on a top ten shooters list? Bahahaha!! The game that took 1st place was Unreal Tornament, and I must agree with this. Before you go shouting blasphemy, Shock 2 is not at heart a First Person Shooter, it's a RPG. UT also happenes to be the best bloody FPS ever made, in my not-so-humbe opinion.... :)

Props for the scout go to WingNut_666. Thanks!

   An Animated Gif Collection from Tanaszi - 1:47:26 AM EST - Dan
Want some Shock 2 animated gifs? Well we have them. Tanaszi has sent a collection of 141(!) mostly animated gifs ripped direcly from the game. The vast majority of these are the various screens you see dotting the ships. If you want to use some animated Shock 2 gifs to spice up your Shock 2 website (don't overdo it please, too many animated gifs give me indegestion) then feel free to grab this and use to your heart's content. Enough babble, gimme, eh? Download this popper.

   Top 100 Games - Shock 1 & 2 is #59 - 9:21:30 PM EST - Dan
The British have awarded Shock 1 & 2 as their #59 game of the Millennium. Of course, it should have gotten much higher! They have a nice little write up on the games of course, which should have been longer!

   A Cool Shock 1 / Shock 2 Desktop Image - 9:07:50 PM EST - Dan
Marcel Beister has put together a very cool System Shock Desktop Image. A semi-transparent Shodan is transposed over a colage of Shock 1 cutscene images. It's pretty snazzy. Want a preview? Here it is. Like it? Download that puppy.

   A New Shock 2 Music Mix - by Bart Klepka - 4:24:56 PM EST - Dan
Bart Klepka is very pleased to present a very cool new Shock 2 music mix. It's what he calls a "Jungle/Techno" mix, and it uses many music clips from the game, a few voice clips, and what sounds like some new music clips. I like it! Download 'Shodan (Hacker Mix)'.

Want more? Bart's Music Page is full of cool stuff.

   Shock 2 Nabs Game of the Year at Loonygames - 11:19:03 AM EST - Dan
Our pals over at Loonygames know their stuff, and they know it well enough to see that System Shock 2 was indeed the best pc game of '99. That being true, it's only natural to expect that they would give SS2 the title of "PC Game of the Year"...
Yep, System Shock 2. Like last year's winner (Half-Life), System Shock 2 doesn't fit well into any category. In fact, it blatantly laughs in the face of convention. I have no idea what to call this game. Is it a first person shooter? It's got lots of action, and it's played from a first person perspective. Is it an RPG? It features skills and character classes. Is it a strategy game? Resource management is key to finishing the game.

It's because of System Shock 2's inability to be pigeon-holed that it shines. The game is creepy (really, really, creepy, in fact) and the storyline is told with expert skill. Add in the fact that with the patch (available from the game's official site) there's a great co-operative mode, and you've got a game that has a longevity that few games can brag about.

Creating a follow-up to what is considered to be a true classic is never easy. But with System Shock 2, the folk at Looking Glass have outdone themselves, and created a game that can stand next to the original with pride.

Thanks for the support, Loonygames! Click here to jump right to the SS2 page, or here to go to the start of the feature.

   Gamespy's RPG of the Year - 11:54:32 AM EST - Saam
It appears as if GameSpy has named System Shock 2 the "RPG of the Year". Check out a bit of the article:

Using some of the features of the original, SS2 has elements of a first-person shooter, but allows plenty of creativity in generating and upgrading your character throughout the game. The game has great graphics and sound to create a realistic, dark and moody environment. It also utilizes a strong enemy AI that will bring any bad guys within earshot of a battle into the fray, causing you to really role play instead of going into every room with guns blazing. SS2 is high in tension and long in detail, and winner of GameSpy's RPG of the year.

Be sure and read the rest. Thanks to EvilSpirit for pointing out the article, over on the TTLG Forums.

   Off to the Great White North - 7:55:01 AM EST - James
I'm off to the inlaws for the holidays. See you when I get back! May SHODAN bless you and keep you all the days of your lives.

   A Silly UGO Ad Featuring Shodan - 5:23:59 PM EST - Dan
This was quaint, and some of us thought that it would be fun to share it with everyone. We're not endorsing what this ad is advertising, we just thought that it was rather amusing. Take a look. Oh, and just to set things straight, not only would Shodan make the Y2K bug look like a harmless pest (actually, any given virus does), but she could correct it with the blink of an eye.... ;)

   Fan Artwork - Two Face Shodan - 5:05:46 PM EST - Dan
If you're into psycho images of Shodan, then this is for you. Markus has sent in a piece of fan-artwork, featuring two textured, warped, and distorted images of Shodan. It's pretty cool, really.. :) It's viewable right here. Take a look! He calls it 'Two Face Shodan'.

   Shock 2 Desktop Icons - Gagets, Psis, and OSAs - 4:32:30 PM EST - Dan
Again from Gentleman Loser (is that really your name?) is a set of 55 icons. These items are based on the in-game images of the OSI Upgrades, some Psi Powers, and some gaget/power up things. Check out this preview here. Nice, eh? Download them!

   A Shock 2 Screen Saver - Load Your Game For Hours! - 3:55:41 PM EST - Dan
Just in case you and your family hasn't seem enough of the Shock 2 loading screen, now you can watch it for hour and hours in Shock 2's first screensaver. The screensaver was made by Gentleman Loser (?). Enjoy!

    Finally, A Shock 2 WinAmp Skin - and it Rocks - 3:29:19 PM EST - Dan
Here's one for the WinAmp users - a very cool WinAmp skin, designed to look like the Shock 2 interface. It's very clean, proffessional, and high quality. Check out how it looks. Slick, eh? Download it now! This was crafted by Cthulhu.

    Shock 2 Humor Waves Get the Convert - 5:47:30 PM EST - Dan
At my request, Tanaszi has converted his Shock 2 humor waves into mp3s and a zip, rather then waves and an exe. These files are now up for individual download in the fanworks section.

   A new review of Shock 2 - 6:37:45 PM EST - James
Better late than never - Stan Chuprin of Quantum 9 has confessed that his minion, Harel Eilam, posted up a Review of Shock 2. As is only right and proper, this is overall a very positive review. Despite the standard complaints about graphics not being up to par, plus complaints about replayability and the multiplayer only using TCP/IP (huh?), he nonetheless says, "the game itself is so grand that one has to give it a perfect score".

   System Shock 2 Postmortem - 1:40:06 PM EST - Saam
Thanks to all of you who emailed this bit of news to us- Gamasutra has posted a System Shock 2 Postmortem, written by Irrational's very own Jon Chey. In the article, he talks about what went right/wrong with Shock2's development, and other sorts of cool stuff as well. Here's a bit of the intro:

This is the story of a young and inexperienced company that was given the chance to develop the sequel to one of the top ten games of all time. The sequel was allotted roughly one year of development with its full team. To make up for the short development cycle and correspondingly small budget, the project was supposed to reuse technology. Not technology in the sense of a stand-alone engine from another game, but individual components that were spun off from yet another game, Thief: The Dark Project. The Thief technology was still under development and months away from completion when our team started working with it. To cap everything off, the project was a collaborative effort between two companies based on a contract that only loosely defined the responsibilities of each organization.

This is a very interesting article for all Shock fans, so make sure you read it!

   Tioptimum says: "Vote Early, Vote Often" - 11:21:36 AM EST - James
Andy Margulies spotted another poll where you can vote for Shock 1 & 2, at World Online. The poll also lets you vote for Thief - which is currently winning! Go vote!

    Visit the Shock 2 Chatroom Via Your Browser - 6:22:03 PM EST - Dan
I'm sure no one remembers way back in the day when we promised everyone that we would have a java chatroom for System Shock 2 "soon." The ideas was that anyone could access TTLG's official SS2 chatroom on channel #system`shock`2, via StarChat using only your favorite browser. "Soon" changed to "eventually," and then to "maybe someday," and then "I guess never..."

Well we were wrong about that one. "Maybe someday" was right, and that day is today. Our java chat client, courtesy of our good friends and associates at the StarChat network, is fast, simple, and easy on your browser. Just go here, enter your user name, select if you want to enter the Shock2, Thief or Deus Ex chatroom, and hit [Connect Now!]

Go there now! I hope to see many guests tonight... :)

    Glide Underground says: Buy Shock 2! - 6:17:15 PM EST - James
The Glide Underground has a Holiday Buyer's Guide up, and the RPG Section reccomends Shock 2! They begin with, "This choice was a no brainer, System Shock 2 quite possibly one of the best games of all time, let alone the hottest RPG/FPS game of the year." They also have a Review up, but we've linked to it already, I believe.

    Manjariss's System Shock 2 Page - 12:32:47 PM EST - Dan
Another SS2 fansite has pooped out of the woodworks (finally!). This one is by a gent named Steve Webber, and features the usual assortment of info on character types, guns. psi powers, etc. The site is called Manjariss's System Shock 2 PageThe unique thing about this site is the interesting hand drawn anime illustrations. The author requested that anyone who goes to the site email him and let him know if he should keep working on it or not. I say, of course!