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    Saturday, December 23, 2000
   Shock 2 FanArt - 3:34:36 PM EST - Dan
We have some new Shock 2 artwork today. It's called Foot Soldier of the Many, and is by Spider Man 4.0.

   Original System Shock 1 Artwork For Auction - 2:46:21 AM EST - Dan
Robb Water's original System Shock 1 mutant artwork is up for auction at EBay.
Recently rescued from the halls of the former game company, Looking Glass Technologies, original System Shock art! These graphite illustrations were used in the original System Shock game tip guide. Each illustration is double matted, in graphite gray and navy blue, signed and framed. Drawn by me at my time at Looking Glass, these illustrations depict a handful of mutants from the game.

Avian Mutant
Virus Mutant
GorTiger Mutant
Humanoid Mutant

   New Shock 2 Music Mix - 3:06:14 AM EST - Dan
Mad Hammer has a rather unique Shock 2 music mix for us. He says it's from Russia. :)

TheGhostofCitadel.mp3The Ghost of Citadel   (Mix by Mad Hammer) - Music & Voice by LGS
Length: 3:00
Size: 2.7 Meg
- A unique Shock 2 music mix. Those voice clips do not sound like english.