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    Sunday, December 08, 2002
   Y Project Lives! - 3:48:19 AM EST - Dave
Simon Chabot has emailed us with a news item that Beyond Unreal have posted!.
It seems that several employees of the now-defunct Westka Interactive have formed their own company called JoyLabs and are continuing their work on the Y-Project. A press release was made (only in German) so here is the translation that Beyond Unreal made:
JOYLABS, formed out of the team of the game developer WESTKA Interactive was able to convince a well-known American investor about the quality and the chances of their title "Y-Project". [...] After successful negotiations with publishers the chances of completing Y-Project have further increased. More funding shall be raised by more investors. If you're interested, contact

Wow! This is good news.

   EA No Longer Own Shock? - 3:32:02 PM EST - Dave
I've just been reading major gaming news sites and have found an article here on that has the following sentence in it:
...according to EA UK, System Shock is no longer one of its licences...

Don't read too much into it folks! It may not be true, but if it is its a start toward Shock 3!

   Shock2 Article at Homelan - 1:02:04 PM EST - Dave
HomeLan have posted a nice article on the Legacy of System Shock 2 including some quotes from Ken Levine!
Thanks to dheer for pointing this out over on our forums

    Irrational Making Shock 3? - 10:39:10 AM EST - Dave
Irrational Games, co-developers of Shock2 have an advert up on their website for:
'an AI programmer who could develop AI for a 'tactical first-person shooter for PC/XBox'
Could this be a return of System Shock?
Some journalists think so, check out articles on PC Zone and Gamestar!

I think these guys may be over-reacting, but you never know!