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    Sunday, February 27, 2000
    System Failure - Shock 2 Fansite - 12:07:28 PM EST - Dan
Tanaszi is very pleased to announce that his Shock 2 website, System Failure is ready to be viewed by the public. Right now all he has up is the interface, but I belive that this will be the home of a Shock 2 fanfic. The site is extremely graphics intensive.

Here is some new info on the site, from the site's author.

My site is a System Shock 3 primer My entire story is there on the site through the interface top right button. The story is set in 2144 when the Agamemnon Io Station tracks EP-0832 near Europa, sends in the ICARUS encounter team to investigate the 30 year old pod, and clears the ICARUS to bring the EP-0832 to Scarsbough.

The ICARUS jettisons the EP after Captain Xavier Luthien of the ICARUS learns the horrible truth of the Von Braun.

EP-0832 is picked up by Professor Reshan, an old military xeno-biologist extraordinaire responsible for ending the Psiber Wars between the OSA and the UNN, and taken to Scarsbough -a gigantic complex housing 2 urban districts, military training facilities, and TROIKA, a triumivirate of AI governing systems responsible for the protection and efficient running of Earth.

During Professor Reshan's study of EP-0832's contents calamity strikes, a disaster that threatens the whole of Earth's 934 million citizens.

Sound pretty spiffy. Good luck with the project!

   'Seldavia' Updated - 12:02:54 PM EST - Dan
This is just quick a note to mention that Seldavia's System Shock fan-fic 'Seldavia' has again been updated with a new chapter.

   Shock 2: 2nd Place for 1999 at GameSpot - 5:57:57 PM EST - James
In GameSpot's Reader's Choice Awards, System Shock 2 is the Runner-Up. Planescape: Torment squeaked past Shock 2, with 34% of the vote against System Shock 2's 33%.

    New Fanfic - Aftermath, by Dopster - 10:38:19 PM EST - Dan
I have a new fanfic to announce today. Dopster was written a short story detailing the events of the last portion of the game. Being as such, it is spoiler laden, so beware all yea whom have not yet won the game. If you have won the game, then I highly recommend you take a look at Aftermath.

Note: I finally fixed the link. :)

   New Fanwork - SS3 Trolka - 9:37:32 PM EST - Dan
Tanaszi has sent in a small movie file as a sort of preview for him upcomming Shock 3 "what if" fanwork. The movie is about a meg and a half, and is called SS3 Trolka. It features audio clips from the game and some original "psychedelic" visuals. Thanks, Tanaszi!

   System Shock 2 Timeline - 4:54:39 PM EST - Saam
Talgor, a frequent poster over at the TTLG Shock 2 Forums has posted the entire System Shock 2 Timeline of events that take place during the course of the game. If you haven't played or beaten the game, I highly recommend you do not visit the site. If you have beaten Shock2, however, go and check it out, it's amazing to see how awesome of a story SS2 had when viewing all the events in a nicely organized fashion. Thanks!

   New Fanfic! - Monkeys - 5:26:35 PM EST - Dan
Hey, it's about time someone did a fanfic on those lovable little monkeys in the game! Oh wait, they're not lovable, they're horrendous vermin. Whatever your take on them, this humorous and interesting fanwork should be very amusing to you. It's only in two chapters as the moment, but more will be coming soon. Enjoy!

The Monkeys

    Some New Shock 2 Music Remixes. - 5:23:25 PM EST - Dan
John277 has created and sent in a pair of new Shock 2 mp3 mixes. These mixes combine many clips from the game into two tracks. Try them out, you may like it!

  • Version 1
  • Version 2

  •     Shockwave Flash System Shock 2 Fansite - 12:18:35 PM EST - Saam
    A fellow named 'antonyms' has made, or is in the process of making, a tricked out Shock 2 fansite using Shockwave Flash. At the moment all the site contains is a hacking puzzle, and a neat animation of Shodan. Very cool, I say, even though the hacking puzzle makes almost no sense... :)

    Check it out!

       Shadows of Reality preview - 10:55:03 AM EST - James
    Another game that may prove to be of interest to Shock fans: Shadows of Reality, previewed by Adrenaline Vault. Promising preview; time will tell.

       Game of the Year: Evil Avatar - 10:05:14 AM EST - James
    Evil Avatar has named System Shock 2 the Game of the Year!

       First USShock Screenshot - 1:24:47 PM EST - Saam
    Yep, it's been awhile since we've heard about this project, Unreal System Shock, the remake of Classic Shock using the Unreal Engine. However, IceNine (one of the team members) has sent us a preliminary screenshot, to show that they are in fact working on the game:

  • The AutoBomb in action (71kb)


  •     <%=date%>
        We failed at GD Review - 8:03:36 AM EST - James
    Despite all who voted for System Shock 2, Planescape: Torment squeaked past it at Games Domain: with 50.78% of the votes. Remember that next time you think your votes don't count, people. Just a few more and we'd be in the finals. 8( I haven't got a vote for you at the moment.... but please do vote next time.

       Stuff Excluded from Shock2 - 1:36:03 PM EST - Saam
    I was checking out our forums when I noticed a very interesting thread in the Shock 2 section. The thread talks about how some things were left out of System Shock 2 (but found in the files on the CD), so unless you haven't beaten the game yet, go check it out. It's pretty interesting.

       Polls on TTLG - 10:38:46 PM EST - Saam
    We are experimenting with a poll system, over at TTLG. If you could please go and participate to see how everything goes (hopefully smoothly), we'd appreciate it.

    Now go and vote!

       Shock 2 Kjofol Skin by WingNut_666 - 4:57:06 PM EST - Dan
    WingNut_666 has sent in a Shock 2 skin for a music player called Kjofol. If you don't like WinAMP or Sonqiue (what's wrong with you?) then you may want to try this one out. If you like it, download the skin! Thanks, WingNut!

       SMTP Problem Resolved - 1:07:59 PM EST - Saam
    I have found a workaround for our little problem we've been having with the forum. Thanks!

       Sick of GD Review Cup Notices Yet? - 7:18:01 AM EST - James
    Maybe you shouldn't be - because with your help, System Shock 2 is in the next-to-last round, stacked up against Planescape: Torment. Go Vote!

       Shock 2: The Divine Seeds Chronicles - 9:31:13 PM EST - Dan
    Rob Weller has begin an ambitious fanfic project which he calls, 'The Divine Seeds Chronicles.' The first chapter of his chronicles is online, and he also has information on how you can submit chapters to the chronicles. Sounds interesting, eh? Check it out!

       A New Shock 2 Fan Fic - 9:17:04 PM EST - Dan
    Greetings, Folks. Tonight I have a new System Shock 2 fan story to report. This story is actually based on a thread from our Shock 2 Forums, but has been posted in semi-story form on a fansite. It's called SShock2 Story, Seriously. Though it's posted on the website of Hackmaster1, it has many authors. Check it out, you may like it.

        System Shock 2: PC Gamer's RPG of the Year - 5:59:56 PM EST - Saam
    Here's an update to the news item I posted the other day- I have been sent the quote from the PC Gamer article, which indeed names System Shock 2 as their "RPG of the Year":

    It is no easy task for a sequel to live up to the legacy of 1994's System Shock; the orginals innovations shook up role playing for good. Crafting a suspenseful story, deep character elements, action, puzzle-solving, and flat-out ambient dread, System Shock was a PC game that took interactive storytelling to new heights. Five years later, System Shock 2 arrived without the input of Warren Spector, the original guiding light. But it didn't skip a beat in continuing the story of the psychotic artificial intelligence SHODAN. In this installment, players could begin as a member of one of the several different military branches, which allowed for a surprisingly deep level of character customization. But whether you choose to enter the game as a marine, psionic agent, or computer hacker, the thrills-and chills--come thick and fast. Ghosts of murdered officers haunt the corridors of the derelict spacecraft on which you find yourself trapped. Shambling mutants chase you everywhere, hungry for flesh. And nowhere is safe from the insidious voice of SHODAN, whose disguise of support lurches halfway through the game into an unlimited cackling malice. Employing a variety of stunning audio tricks to pull you into the game world, System Shock 2 does a better job than any other game of submerging you in a gripping, cinematic experience...yes, even more so then the staggeringly atmospheric Half-Life. You hoard ammunition like it's gold, in desperate fear of running out. There are times when you approach closed doors and you hesitate before entering, not quite sure you want to see what's on the other side. In short, this game brings real fear to the PC; it's a genuine suspense thriller of the first order, and a worthy winner of our RPG award.

    As always, congratulations to the Irrational team for creating such an amazing game!

        TTLG needs an SMTP Server - 4:39:24 PM EST - Saam
    The SMTP server we have been using recently to handle our forum issues is down for the time being -- therefore, many new users who register in our forums aren't able to get their password via email.

    We need someone who can either: 1) let us know where to find a free SMTP server to install on our server, hassle-free, or 2) has an SMTP server that we can use (solely for the forums).

    Please let us know if you can help. Thanks!

       System Shock 2: RPG of the Year at Games Domain - 7:53:27 AM EST - James
    Games Domain has posted up the Winners of its Games Domain Reader's Choice Awards. System Shock has pipped out Planescape: Tormet to win the RPG category. And voting continues in the Games Domain Review Cup, where System Shock 2 has made it to the Quarter Finals, and is paired off against Age of Empires 2. Go vote!

       Shock2 is PC Gamer's RPG of the Year? - 8:38:46 PM EST - Saam
    Some sources have told me that System Shock 2 is PC Gamer's RPG of the year. However, I do not own the magazine, so I will need some more clarity on this, i.e., who else was contending, by how much it won, etc..also, if someone can please send a scan of the page which has the article, please send it! Thanks!

       Once More, Dear Friends, Into the Voting Booth! - 6:31:54 PM EST - James
    ... and fill up that booth with SHODAN's dead. Er, maybe Henry V didn't play System Shock. Be that as it may, Gamespot accidentally ditched all its accumulated votes for Game of the Year 1999 - giving us another golden opportunity to propel Our Lord SHODAN to power by voting for System Shock 2. While you're at it, give Flight Unlimited III a vote as well.

       Games Domain Cup: Round 3 Voting - 8:16:34 AM EST - James
    And System Shock 2 is now paired against Age of Empires 2 - rather stiffer competition. Go Vote!

       Shock2 Multiplayer Host Needed - 10:29:45 PM EST - Saam
    We just received an incoming message from Tanaszi, via the TTLG Forums:

    i've started a MP way-station for those interested in MP gaming, we have a somewhat committed group of killers, theives, mercenaries, and thoughtful players assembling. Check out the SS2 MP forum under the "stats, cpus...." We are looking for a good host (P3, DSL or better, killer Video, and the rest) and players; can you help us?

    While we do not have a server to host the Multiplayer game on, I urge anyone that can help to visit the thread and let your fellow 'shockers' know you can host a game. Thanks!

       Games Domain Review Cup: Round 2 - 7:55:36 AM EST - James
    Games Domain has moved to Stage 2 of its Game of the Year Cup. System Shock 2 is now pitted against.... Star Wars: Racer? Yup. Should be an easy one, you'd think, but nothing is ever guaranteed - Go Vote!

       A Shock 2 Review? What, Another? - 9:42:31 PM EST - Dan
    Normally I wouldn't post a review of a game this late, but the site it's posted on mentioned it to me, it's new, and they loved it to death. Read the SS2 Review at PCGR.

       'Sundiata' Updated - 9:32:23 PM EST - Dan
    This is just quick a note to mention that Seldavia System Shock fan-fic 'Seldavia' has been updated with a new chapter.