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    Wednesday, February 20, 2002
   New System Shock Remake Project - 4:03:46 PM EST - Saam

And it looks quite promising. Scharmers from our Shock Forums has announced that he is starting work on a new System Shock Remake project. What's so cool about it? Well, he's using an engine that is based on tiles and sprites, just like the original System Shock, but obviously more advanced, taking advantage of DirectX 8 and other good stuff. You can view some preliminary screenshots, a development log, as well as a nice FAQ over at the project site. This is one project we'll be definitely on the lookout for. Looks promising!

  • System Shock Remake Project

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        Vote on the Arx Fatalis Box Art - 1:47:19 PM EST - Dan
    Arkane/Fishtank were kind enough (smart enough ;) to ask TTLG to vote on the Arx Fatalis box cover (actually, I suggested it :) ... so we are presented with two choices.

    Go here to vote.

    Update: We modified the choices, and added two more.

        Boxed Shock 1 & 2 on - 2:59:01 PM EST - Dave have a great item on auction at the moment. System Shock 1 and 2 both boxed with original manuals. It's quite cheap at the moment with £10:50 being the high bid.
    A chance to own a boxed copy of SS1 and a spare SS2 copy (or vice versa). Go bid now, it finishes on 14th February Biggrin