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    Saturday, February 26, 2005
    'Genesis' - The final chapters - 10:50:34 AM EST - D`Arcy
We publish today the fourth and final instalment of the fanfic 'Genesis', by averroes.

You can also download the full story in .doc format from our fanworks section.

Thank you for your excellent work averroes!

    New artwork from Casharelle - 3:18:40 PM EST - D`Arcy
Casharelle has made a new excellent SHODAN image.

Check it out at our Fanworks section.

Great work Casharelle!

   'Genesis' - Part 3 - 4:29:23 PM EST - D`Arcy
We keep on publishing averroes' fanfic 'Genesis'. You can now get the third instalment of the story.

    Fan Mission: Return To The UNN - 8:56:31 AM EST - D`Arcy
Blaydes99 has made a new System Shock 2 fan mission: Return To The UNN. You can get it from the Cargo Bays section, or from the author's page.

Excellent work Blaydes99!

    'Genesis' - Part 2 - 1:29:46 PM EST - D`Arcy
As promised, here is the second instalment of averroes' excellent fanfiction, 'Genesis'.