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    Thursday, March 30, 2000
    Shock 2 Skin & Plugin for WinAmp - 7:58:58 PM EST - Dan
Every one in a while this forsaken outpost gets a bit of good news. Cthulhu has upgraded his very cool Shock 2 WinAmp Skin! (it's the only skin I use.) In addition, he has now also made a WinAmp Shock 2 AVS plugin!

    EuroGamer's Gaming Globe Awards: Vote for Shock! - 5:59:39 PM EST - James
Eurogamer is running a poll for a variety of places - and System Shock 2 is in the running for Best Game of 1999. Go vote!! SHODAN wishes all cyborgs to note that there doesn't seem to be any trap for voting multiple times....

    Blue Lightning's FAQ now at TTLG - 2:26:51 PM EST - Saam
This is a bit late (as I've been extremely busy lately), but it's still worthy news -- a few weeks (or maybe months) ago, long-time fan Blue Lightning has allowed us to post his System Shock 1 FAQ here at the TTLG network. There is a lot of incredible information stored within the depths of the FAQ, so if I were you, I'd check it out! Thanks!

   Admin Email Down - 4:04:17 PM EST - Saam
Hey all, just wanted to let everyone know that our (or email address are not working for the time being. As a workaround, just send your emails to either (Me) and/or (Dan). Thanks!

    Shock 2 on Comic Strip - 12:24:59 PM EST - Dan
Har Har. Shock 2 got a little spotlight in the comic strip User Friendly. The character in the strip obveously has never visited our forums. Props to go Ant for the spot.

    'Glory to the Many' - A Shock 2 Mp3 Mix - 11:47:16 AM EST - Dan
Marc de Hoogh has created a cool new SHock 2 music mix called 'Glory to the Many'. Though this mix uses music clips from all over the game, the main feature is the narritive-like wave clips that play throughout, for the glory of The Many. Very cool, check it out.

Remember, all Shock 2 music can always be found at The TTLG Jukebox.

    <%=date%> Grand Opening! - 11:33:35 PM EST - Saam
After a huge wait, we have finally opened up our Deus Ex site, To celebrate the opening, we have posted up an interview with Harvey "Witchboy" Smith, and will post up some screenshots later on this week, as well as a mini Q&A tomorrow with Harvey. So go and check it out, and let us know if you'd like anything changed/added!


   Please buy Thief 2 via TTLG & GameStop!com - 9:00:54 AM EST - Dan
If you are looking to buy Thief 2 online, then please do it via Gamestop!com via TTLG. If you go to gamestop via the link above, or by clicking on the gamestop logo on the site's side menu, then TTLG will get a small ad revenue bonus for every sale. It would make me very happy. :)

Remember, this won't work if you just go to You have to use this link: or click on the Gamestop logo on the side menu. Thank you!

    Shock 2 Desktop Themes - 6:07:33 PM EST - Dan
Two new Shock 2 Themes have been posted on the site today. They are both fully featured, and well done. Joseph Howle would like to thank all the people (the person?) who extracted the shock 2 icons which he used in the theme.

So check 'em out.
- Joseph Howle's Theme (preview) - Darch's Theme (preview)