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    Saturday, March 31, 2001
   Upcoming Fan Missions - 11:46:36 AM EST - BigDave
Hi there!
I am planning to make a section on for all upcoming fanmissions, similar to the Keeper of Metal and Gold's Thief Section

First up is Crion's mission. In its early stages at the moment, but he has some promising screenshots on his website.
Nice work Crion!

If anyone else has an FM they would like to see promoted, send an email to or
Cheers :)

    The ShockEd FAQ - 1:50:49 PM EST - Fat Burrick
We have a new ShockEd FAQ from Doc4. You can find the HTML version here, and the text file here.

Cheers Doc4!

   Shock Project Screenshot - 12:53:17 PM EST - BigDave
Hi there! :)
The guys at The Shock Project have released a Screenshot for us!
Its here!

Cheers Guys!!

   Shock That Monkey! - 3:47:36 AM EST - BigDave
Hi Folks!
I have a request for you!
Everytime you see a "Shock the Monkey" banner ad on TTLG could you please click it!
Finances were a little grim last month

So people please, Shock that Funky Monkey!!

    FanFic: To Do What's Right By OoBeY - 6:41:37 AM EST - UnderTow
Hello Everyone!
We have a new Fanfic on the block from OoBeY called "To Do What's Right"
Cheers OoBeY

    New SSHL Screenie - 6:20:48 AM EST - Fat Burrick
We have a new screen from the SSHL team. Check it out here. Looking good guys :D

   FanFic: The Beginning of the End - 1:09:48 PM EST - Fat Burrick
Hey there, we have a new FanFic from Sporto78 entitled The begining of the End. It can be found here
Cheers Sporto78!

   The Shock Project Site Updated. - 3:09:16 PM EST - BigDave
Hi there!
Just a quick update to let you all know that The Shock Project team have updated their website at