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    Sunday, March 31, 2002
   TSSHP to v0.2.9 - 2:30:48 PM EST - Dave
The System Shock Hack Project has been updated to version 0.29!

The current manifestation includes more-or-less complete support for System Shock cyberspace. 0.2.9 builds on 0.2.8d by adding depth cueing, proper colouring for objects and softs/logs, plus sorting of objects and architecture.

You can grab this release here

If you dont know what TSSHP is then read this quote from their website:

The basic idea is to reverse-engineer and then re-engineer System Shock. Why? Well, partly to preserve the legacy of the great Looking Glass studios. Partly to bring a classic game up to date. But mainly because we think it's tremendous fun.

Some fine work here, keep it up guys! :)

    Arx Fatalis Demo is Here - 11:11:04 AM EST - Dan
We got this news today from Fishtank.
Arx Fatalis:
The English demo with about an hour of gameplay is nearly finished. The official release (March, 1st in the afternoon) will of course be accompanied by a press release listing various links from where the demo can be downloaded. In order to avoid traffic problems on the Ravensburger site, you will be able to download the demo from several online magazines at the same time. Many thanks in advance for the support! Today is also the launch date for the Arx Fatalis forum at
Dan mutters a wish and a prayer.

And by jove, here it is. This is the first or what should be many download mirrors. Good luck!

  • Jason Tibbitts