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    Tuesday, March 23, 2004
    3 New Wallpapers - 1:10:27 PM EST - Dave
averroes sent in three new wallpapers from his Digital Out series. You can grab the three wallpapers from our fanworks section!
Great work, thanks averroes!

   The Shock Project Postmortem - 2:51:08 PM EST - Dave
Averroes has sent in a link to his postmortem on the cancellation of The Shock Project.
He's also opened up a thread in his forums for discussion.
Well worth reading.

   The Shock Project is no more. - 7:19:47 AM EST - Dave
averroes, one of The Shock Project members just dropped into IRC to tell me that unfortunatley TSP is no more.
the Shock Project [2000-2004]

Initiated by Mike "JediK" Pelletier, "the Shock Project" is a mod for System Shock 2 that started in December 2000. It features a post-SS2 plot taking place twenty years later in a research facility owned by TriOptimum, located on an remote icy planet called D'Jure, and focused on recreating with the Dark Engine some aspects of the 1994 original System Shock.

Sadly, three years later, we're forced to admit that it was too big for us. We have made a lot of stuff, levels, music, you name it... but the spirit's gone. It just lasted too long, and we can't go on working on this forever because Real Lifeā„¢ is also very demanding.

We have decided to release all the resource files created and modded by the members of Purkaia Software. Along with the levels, some of which are complete, we hope that you'll have as much fun playing through this project as we had creating it. We wanted it to be the unofficial System Shock 3... Well, at least we tried, right?

See you on Rec!

This is sad news, although not all is lost! You can grab all the stuff they did complete from the TSP site here!