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    Monday, April 24, 2000
    The Divine Seed Chronicles - 9:59:05 PM EST - Dan
Just in case anyone still visits this site (very funny, Dan :) -Saam), Rob Weller, author of The Divine Seed Chronicles, wishes everyone to know that his site, and the works of fiction therein, have been updated. Thanks, Rob!

   ShockEd Update... - 8:01:11 PM EST - Saam
I just wanted to let everyone know that nothing new has come up regarding the release of System Shock 2's editor, dubbed ShockEd. Basically, Looking Glass (and EA) has to decide if it's 'worth' releasing the editor -- they are seeing how much time the programmers need to "fix it up". My question is -- DromEd didn't need 'fixing up' for it to be released, and look how popular it, as well as the Thief Community, has become. Release it, I say!

    Hey, A New Desktop Background - 9:06:31 PM EST - Dan
We haven't seen one of these in a while. One Daniel Tian has sent in a new Shock 2 desktop background, featuring Shodan and some clever text. Check out the preview. Enjoy!

   Shock 2 Fansites - 8:23:19 PM EST - Dan
Two new Shock 2 fansites have cropped up. The first is a site called TRI.OPTIMUM by Xerxes, aka NetAgent, and at a glance appears to be a Shock 1 & 2 site which is under construction, and sports a collection of maps, and long load times.

The other is Adam Powell's Shock 2 site hosts the usual assortment of files and features, plus some mp3 mixes and a nifty in-game character development demo.