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    Monday, April 30, 2001
    Arx Fatalis/ Stephen Russell - 5:21:30 PM EST - BigDave
Arx Fatalis (Fortress of Fate) will be shown at E3.
Since none of the TTLG Staff will be going to E3, hopefully they or someone else can send us some of the goodies they'll be showing off. *HINT* *HINT* :p
And now for the really good news. Stephen Russell, Voice of Garrett, Karras, Benny, Xerxes, Diego, and many more, will be doing voice acting work for Arx Fatalis. It is not know what parts he will play, but the Arx team is very excited to have his voice in their game... and so are we. :D

   Fanfic: Indecisive Tactics - 4:58:53 PM EST - Fat Burrick
Hey all, we have a new fanfic from Ghoul.One.Eight.Seven, it can be found here. Have fun reading :).


   Dreamcast Conversion Canned? - 6:04:10 PM EST - BigDave
According to this article on Daily Radar It looks as though Vatical Entertainment's conversion of System Shock 2 to the Dreamcast console has been cancelled.
A sad day for all.

    Forums being upgraded now! - 1:30:57 AM EST - BigDave
The TTLG Forums are really being upgraded now, this time its actually happening! Please be patient while the admins work their magic!

   "The Cargo Bays" Now Open! - 6:19:07 PM EST - BigDave
Finally, "The Cargo Bays, the FM section of the site is up and running!

   FM: Arboretum by Doc4 - 7:50:53 AM EST - BigDave
Doc4's FM "Arboretum" is now up in the The Cargo Bays
Excellent Mission Doc4. Cheers!

    Forums Upgrades - 6:37:02 AM EST - BigDave
The TTLG Forums will be offline for periods of time over the next few days whilst an upgrade to UBB6 is performed.

    Vote for sshock2 @ Gamespot! - 6:19:08 AM EST - BigDave
GameSpot have a "Spookiest Games" Instant poll at the moment, and System Shock 2 is on there!
Please vote for System Shock 2 and let the glory of the many rule the world!
Thanks to Carey for pointing this out. :)

   Fan Mission Submission Rules - 6:18:52 PM EST - BigDave
Hi Folks,
After a lot of thinking (we don't do much) the instructions for submitting System Shock 2 FM's to have been finalised!
They are can be found here
Thanks goes to Daxim for finalising them. Cheers Daxim!

   In Progress FM: "Level 2" - 1:35:14 AM EST - BigDave
Hi there!
Doc4 has released some screenshots of his upcoming fm entitled 'Level 2'.
They can be found here

Great work Doc 4!

    Beta Testers Needed! - 5:42:05 PM EST - BigDave
Right, we need you ugly lot to help beta test a program that assists in the development of ShockLoader.

SS2 patched to 2.3.

You need to download this file It is a self extracting WinRAR file.

A readme file is here

The resulting integrate.bat file will take the contents of the patched crf's and merge them into the original ones. This is essential if ShockLoader is going to work.

The program is by Daxim and has been tested on a Win 2k system, we are having an open beta session.
If you test could you please post that you have done and any problems that you may have encountered on this thread on the forums

Thanks in advance for your help

   Fanfic: Preliminary Annelid Report - 5:36:50 PM EST - BigDave
Hi again!
We have a new FanFic today!
it is called Preliminary Annelid Report and is by Statik.
Cheers Statik!

   The ShockEd FAQ Updated! - 5:26:05 PM EST - BigDave
Hi there!
Doc4 has sent an update to his ShockEd FAQ.
As well as the online version, a Word version is avalible here

Cheers Doc4!