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    Thursday, April 24, 2003
   Could it be System Shock 3? - 1:19:33 PM EST - Dave
Over on our forums a new member, Priest77 has posted a link to a great article on HomeLan Fed that could point towards System Shock 3!

Here is an exert

1. Will you be attending E3 this year and if so what will you be showing off at the expo?

2. What games are you most looking forward to seeing at E3 this year?

Here are the answers we have received so far..."

"Ken Levine - Irrational Games

1. I will be attending. Irrational is not showing any games on the floor this year, but will be having private showings of some super-secret titles (one of which will be come public prior to E3).

2. I'm looking forward to seeing Rome: Total War, Mario Kart and (fingers crossed) Final Fantasy Tactics for the GBA. I'm looking forward to showing a game in a private room instead of on the show floor, because I am too old and cranky for that kind of hullabaloo."

So, could it be? Head over here to discuss!