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    Sunday, April 18, 2004
   Fan Music by Ignacio Segura - 2:58:46 PM EST - Dave
Ignacio Segura has sent in a song titled "In Morte Sumus" that fits in with the System Shock world.
He wrote
I finished a song some months ago that would fit on your "fan artwork" page devoted to System Shock. Lyrics is a graegorian song written before 16th century (in latin, of course).
You can grab it from our Fanworks section or from the System Shock 2 section of the TTLG Jukebox!

   Enhanced cutscene movies - 3:36:33 PM EST - D`Arcy
Savant, a member of the TTLG forums, has made an enhanced version of some of the cutscene movies you see in the game. The intro movie, the one after the training on earth, and the ending movie are now available in an enhanced version. You can get the .RAR file with the new movies from Wuggles Unlimited™ (Warning: 178MB download). Thanks to Wuggles for the hosting, and to Savant for the great work!

   New SHODAN image released - 7:24:59 AM EST - D`Arcy
ZylonBane has just posted in the TTLG Shock forums a link to a new SHODAN image. This image is 5100x3888 in size, and was released to the public by its author, Ryan Lesser. Thanks to ZylonBane for providing the file, and to Wuggles for hosting it. Here is the original thread at the Wuggles Unlimited™ forums. The file is also available here from