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    Saturday, April 12, 2008
   New FM: Have a nice Holiday! - 11:48:22 AM EST - D`Arcy

A new FM from Christine is now available! It contains three levels. This is not a typical SS2 campaign, rather it is a "Funmission", so don't take it too seriously. You are on vacation. There are no keycards, codes, security cams or respawns, and sometimes sneaking may be better than fighting.

More details and screenshots are available at Christine's homepage. The FM itself can be downloaded (~135MB) from the following location.

You can discuss any details related to this new FM in its dedicated thread, at TTLG forums.

Important note: This campaign uses custom scripts by Nameless Voice, so make sure that the file NVScript.osm is in your SShock2 directory.

Thank you for your excellent work, Christine!