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    Sunday, May 27, 2001
    LGS Memorial Chat Log - 9:19:50 AM EST - BigDave
As many of you are aware, we held a 24 hour chat in #thief, the official TTLG Chatroom on, for fans to gather and share memories of Looking Glass Studios. Well, here is the complete 24 hour log for you to enjoy. There are some nice comments from developers and such in.
A zipped version (350kb) is here
Anyway, enjoy! :)

    New Fanfic: Run, Run - 9:13:57 AM EST - BigDave
Dennis Kurek has sent a new fac fic entitled "Run, Run". It can be found in the fanworks section.
Cheers Dennis!

    The Taffer's Post - Reflections of a Blue Sky - 7:02:08 AM EST - Dan
Rather then post the Taffer's Post here, I have turned it into a column. Maybe because it's very long, or maybe because I think calling myself a columnist is cool. At any rate, here it is:

The Taffer's Post - Reflections of a Blue Sky

The topic meanders from work to school to CoSaS to D&D to TTLG and back again. I hope you enjoy the insane ramblings of the chap who thinks psychoticness is a talent rather then a serious mental handycap. If you'd like to comment on this post, and please do so, run over to the forum version instead.

   LGS Memorial Party is upon us! - 1:33:40 AM EST - BigDave
Just a quick reminder that the LGS memorial party is on now! So dust down your IRC clients and join us on in #thief.
If you dont have an IRC client, please use this java one.
See you there!

    ARX Fatalis and - 10:34:26 PM EST - Dan
Good evening, Shocklings.

I am looking for a fan. I am looking for the most enthusiastic and dedicated fan of Ultima Underworld there is. I need someone who is waiting with tremendous anticipation for the game Arx Fatalis, pouring over every preview and interview, and studying each screenshot in minute detail.

As you should know if you have read today's previous post (on Arx Fatalis will be shown at E3 tomorrow (and this weekend) and there will undoubtedly be a great deal of media released surrounding this game. This would be the best time to open TTLG's Arx Fatalis fansite.

But I need a webmaster for this site. I would much rather the person who will be running this site take part in its finishing and opening. The Arx website will be located at, which will also be host to all of our Ultima Underworld content. As you can see, the website design is already there, as well as some structuring. However it is not finished. (I had attempted to make it into a general fantasy gaming news site, but I have changed my mind.)

I would prefer that the webmaster for this site be someone who is already involved in the TTLG community and forums, but I am open to anyone. HTML skill is a requirement for the webmaster, and until the news script is coded (we'll have to update it by hand until then) so will the entire staff. I would also prefer someone who is familiar with Ultima Underworld, but again, that is not a requirement. I would like to get at least three people for the webmaster position. I'll decide which of you is the "leader" of the group after I have worked with you all for a bit. :)

Time is of the essence. I'd like to get this site fully operational as close to E3 as possible. Please contact me!

And just become I love to show this game off, here's a list of my very favorite screenshots:

Don't know what the hell Arx Fatalis is? Read TTLG's article on it. It also has more screenshots. :)

    FanFic: Nanos - 2:20:40 PM EST - BigDave
We have a new FanFic today. It is called Nanos and is by Bedford.
Bedford has also produced A Tri-Optimum Announcement

Cheers Bedford! :)

    Looking Glass Studios Memorial Chat Party - 11:39:26 PM EST - Dan
May 25th of 2000 was the last day of operation for Looking Glass Studios.

On May 25th, 2001, we celebrate the past, present, and future.

I hereby declare that from 12:00am until 11:59pm on May 25th (EST) , the official TTLG chatroom, #thief on, will be hosting a celebration to commemorate how far we have come since that day. I implore all former member of Looking Glass Studios, and all friends of Looking Glass Studios, to show up at some time during that day and share memories of the past and aspirations for the future with your good friends and fans. There will also be a special thread opened on the forum for Glassers to post messages to eachother and the fans.

I also implore everyone who sees this post to spread the word to the four winds. I want to make sure everyone who would be interested in being there has a chance to. Everyone who wants a chance to meet some of the makers of the Looking Glass games needs that chance, and every person who was part of Looking Glass Studios needs to know where to meet.

Try to get into #thief now so that you know how when the time comes. :)

Set your IRC Client to (or one of their other many servers you can select from at and /join #thief.

If you have no IRC Client, please take advantage of our java chat client on The Circle.

   "The Lost" Diaries: Eric Brosius - 3:41:05 AM EST - BigDave
In This article on IGN,Irrational audio wizard Eric Brosius discusses how best to scare you to death with sound.

Thanks to Irrational's President, Ken Levine, for pointing this out!