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    Monday, May 18, 2009
   ADaOB v0.3.0 released - 11:07:51 PM EST - D`Arcy

The newest version of ADaOB - Anomalies, Discrepancies and Outright Bugs was just released.

This is the first version to include ZylonBane's SS2 Enhanced Monitor Package (SHEMP).

A full list of changes is listed below.

Changes in v0.3.0:
  • Inclusion of SHEMP high resolution terrain textures (mostly screens and other tech displays)
  • Fixed light switch in Med/Sci corridor over training stations
  • Med/Sci armoury note is now correctly ticked off
  • Added shields on shuttle ports on the training stations and in the Command deck shuttle bays
  • Added targets to the shooting range on Ops
  • Added ceiling glass to a room in Rec that previously opened out into space
  • Realigned many textures and fixed many object placements
  • Re-added a small number of French-Epstein devices and Auto-repair units on Impossible difficulty
  • "Plasma" pistol changed back to laser pistol. Significantly decreased degrade rate for non-overcharge shots
  • Auto-repair units and French-Epstein devices can now be recycled (for 20 nanites)
  • Hazard suit now makes you completely immune to toxins from worm piles
  • Removed ejecting casings from blast turrets because they looked too strange
  • Shrank physics model on a Rickenbacker turrent that was very hard to walk past before
  • Fixed the hole between the pipes in Rickenbacker Pod 2 where you could easily fall to your death
  • Localised Pyrokinesis now deals 1 damage / 400ms instead of 5 damage / 2000ms
  • Replaced elevator music with high-quality full-length version from SS1
  • Various minor tweaks

The file can be downloaded from Filefront. You can discuss any technical issues on the related thread in our forums, or in the main thread at Strange Bedfellows.

Thank you to Nameless Voice, Zylonbane, and everyone involved in this excellent work!