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    Friday, June 30, 2000
   You Ask, Ken Answers - 7:40:14 PM EST - James
Ant wrote into to inform on Voodoo Extreme, which has up a column entitled Ask Ken Levine. There are three questions up at the moment.

The most interesting response, edited down to its essentials, is:

"...there is an excellent chance of LG's titles continuing.... I wouldn't write off the Shock and Thief series just yet if I were you."

    System Failure site Updated - 12:13:02 AM EST - James
John Brough wrote in to confess that his System Failure website had been updated, with new info in the UNN News section, which has a timeline covering events after SS1 and SS2 - there's a lot of material there!

A sample:

2076: TriOptimum experiments with new AI technology outside the knowledge of the U.N.N. and Tokyo Combine members and designate it "Gel-i". Dr. Butabi becomes the sole programming specialist on the project and is granted sole access to its development in Canada. The G-19 is sub-contracted to other corporations. The L.P.A.E.L. system is entrusted to the President of the Tokyo Combine and produced outside Butabi's control.

2079: The G-19 prototype is tested against the S.H.O.D.A.N. A.I. construct originally released in 2068. The G5 system is cracked by an unaltered S.H.O.D.A.N. system in 3 hours 27 minutes 14 seconds causing irreversible damage to the G19 prototype. S.H.O.D.A.N. systems continue to be the most stable of the four available A.I. systems.

   Server Upgrade Time! - 5:29:06 PM EST - Saam
Well, I have received all the new goodies that we ordered for the upgrade of our server. This is both good news and bad news. The bad news is that the network will probably be down much of tomorrow and saturday, if everything goes as planned. That means that nothing will be accessible until I install the hardware, do a fresh install of Windows 2000, and copy everything to the new hard drive. The good news is that the server will be state-of-the-art. A fast processor, plenty of RAM, full SCSI-setup, the works.

So, this is just a little warning note, in case you can't access the site(s) tomorrow or the day after, and plan on writing angry email to us. :)

Thanks for your patience.

   SHODAN in Top Female Characters List - 10:04:47 AM EST - James
GameSpot has up an article on top female character in games, and SHODAN gets her due. And you can act as loyal Shocklings and vote here.

   Shock 2 WinAmp Skin Updated - 12:53:37 PM EST - Dan
The really spiffy Shock 2 WinAmp Skin has seen another update. The mixer has been re-done, and now looks really cool. Thanks, Juhana!