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    Monday, July 31, 2000
   Loyalties, by Robert Skilton - 12:29:16 PM EST - Jyre
A new fan story has been written by one Robert Skilton. Loyalties is expected to be in the region of 6 to 8 parts in length, with a new installment to arrive monthly.

    System Shock 2 Dreamcast Details - 8:21:27 PM EST - Saam

While the port itself is old news, here's an interesting tidbit I saw over at IGN's website:

Here's the quote that caught my eye:

"That's not all that PC purists can look forward too. Listening to the outcries of many a Dreamcast gamer, online play will included into the mix (a feature not originally included in the computer version). Not only will buddies be able to team up and participate in hard-nosed capture the flag play, but they can square off deathmatch style as well. Those of us who enjoyed the solo game on our desktops now have that extra incentive to go back and prove our might all across the country! Rookies be warned!"

Deathmatch? CTF? Shock 2? Does anyone else have a bad feeling about this?

   Shock 2 Fansite Update - 2:52:27 PM EST - Saam
Straight from Tanaszi:

For all who hated having to jump into a high bandwidth site to get to the other sites, I don't blame you.

This is why I restored and improved the first "interface" for better navigation. Some of you might have seen this, but I doubt you remember (and hope you don't -it stunk.)

Allow everything to load. Hover your mouse over anything that looks like a button for a brief description. hover over the center area for a brief (0.63mb avi) introduction to the interface.

Have fun. Check the interface now. (U.N.N. News links have been repaired.)



    SHODAN and Viktoria at GameSpot - 11:36:15 AM EST - James
Warning: Philip Sainty pointed out that some of the reader's comments in these articles contain spoilers towasrds Thief 1, Thief II, and Shock 2. Be aware!

Ant tipped us off to another one: in the sequel to Gamespot's feature on Best Female Characters in Games, we have the Reader's Choice version. In response to our call for votes, you have voted in Viktoria at number 7, and SHODAN at number 4!