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    Monday, July 02, 2018
   System Shock: ReWired - 4:49:00 PM EST - D`Arcy

Even though System Shock is almost 25 years old, it just got its first ever Fan Mission: System Shock: ReWired. Three brand new levels with branching paths, four new cyberspace sections, new puzzles, new audiologs (currently text only), new on-screen text and so much more awaits in the now dark corridors of the hospital ship UNN Bismarck. Playable with all existing versions of System Shock (Enhanced Edition recommended). What are you waiting for? SHODAN waits for your return! And she is eager to end your - in her opinion - useless existence.

You can grab this FM from Mod DB, where you'll also find all the instructions on how to install it, and discuss it on the dedicated thread in our forums.

A big thank you to 3RDplayer for his amazing work!