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    Wednesday, August 23, 2000
   The Shock 2 Monkeys - 12:52:23 PM EST - Dan
Shock 2's monkeys get a plug in gamespy's little feature on, er, monkeys. Check it out.

   New Shock 2 Music Mix - 9:39:36 PM EST - Dan
Reverend has put together a rather good Shock 2 music mix, which he called "Bronson's Task". As the name suggests, this mix contains many voice clips reguarding the character Bronson. The mp3 is 2.9 megs.

    ShockEd Now Available! - 3:22:11 PM EST - Saam
Well, the good news is finally here. We have compiled a working version of ShockEd, so now you all can start creating your own levels and space stations!

  • ShockED (5.06 MB)

  • System Shock 2 Unstripped Missions (23.5 MB)
  • The Shock 2 unstripped missions allows you to see the official missions that were used in the game in ShockED, so you can edit them (or learn from them for that matter). Also included in the ShockED zip file is a very informative tutorial written by Totality and other hackers as well. A big thanks goes to the Shock2 NDA team and others, including Totality, d0om, Catalyst, Thumper, IceNine, Datoyminaytah, and the fans! Thanks for making this a successful release!

        Vote for Shock 2! - 3:00:38 PM EST - Saam
    Over at Gamespot, they have a vote on their PC Games page as to which game deserves a sequel. Go now and pick System Shock 2! Thanks to Lt. Hobson on the forums for the news.

       Chicajo Returns - 2:33:26 PM EST - Saam
    One of the first inspirations and contributors to TTLG (the music 'hacker'), Joey "Chicajo" D, has posted on the forums that he has a new website, located at Here is his quote, straight from the thread:

    I've been working on some music for the UnReal System Shock 1 mod currently in development. contains some test music I've uploaded for download. The level music is all experimental at this point but these may make it into the final cut. I have a piece for Medical (level1) and Research (level2) completed. There's also some clips under Auxiliary that you might find interesting.

    Stop by for a visit and drop me a line at the "Care to Comment" link.

    Be sure to visit the site, it is indeed one of the finest works I've seen in Flash! Thanks Chicajo!

       Shock 2 Fansite - 8:00:26 PM EST - Dan
    A fellow named Roland has opened up a System Shock 2 fansite. Situated there is the usual assortment of game info, some downloads, music, cheats, whathaveyou. Check it out.

       In the Mind's Eye, By Kevin R. Czarnecki - 1:51:26 PM EST - Jyre
    Kevin R. Czarnecki has written a new piece of Shock fiction, In the Mind's Eye. Here's a look at the opening:

    Whatever those things are, they sure don't bathe.

    The smell was terrible, wafting up the floor opening to the fluidics control station. Down below the mutterings of those walking dead, those Many, echoed twice over, once from the metallic ductwork that was commonplace on engineering, and again from that sort of distortion that seemed to come from within them, like an audio record being melted and played. It was haunting and sickening.

    Malone heard this in several ways. While the others with him heard these two echoes, he heard a third series, a composite creature's echoing speech. It sounded like a woman's voice, overlapped occasionally with another that sounded like it was growling, inhuman, and another that was low, masculine, but with a hint of that growl. They echoed in his mind like the annoying jingle in those Value-Rep commercials.