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    Friday, August 31, 2001
   I'm outta here! - 1:27:48 PM EST - Dave
I'm off to spain for a week of sun, sand, sea... and erm... beer starting tomorrow!

    Get Well Soon Fat-Burrick! - 1:45:20 PM EST - Dave
Fat-Burrick, aka's resident Leprechaun Tamer, has left us for a short spell in hospital. All should be fine and dandy, and he should be back with us by next week.
See ya later Tim!
[edit]Just received word that Fat Burrick will be in hospital for a longer period than intended, two possibly 3 weeks.

   Sshock2 Walkthrough! - 1:33:56 PM EST - Dave
Gray, has just uploaded the newest version of his System Shock 2 Walkthrough, and very detailed it is too.
Just to let you guys know, that Gray should soon be joining us as's resident Walkthrough guru!

   FanArt: Shodan, by Joey B - 1:29:29 PM EST - Dave
Hi folks, Joey B has sent a piece of art based upon Shodan. It is available in the Fanworks Section
Cheers Joey!

    System Shock: A Digital Vision, Part 1 - 6:36:10 PM EST - Dan
Maybe you heard it whispered vaguely, or blared bluntly. Either way, it's no secret that I am no fan of System Shock 2. It is, in my eyes, an unacceptable sequel to one of the best games ever. Rather then just pipe off about it, and eventually soil everyone's innocent pristine view of this flawed rock er ... gem coughs, I've done something a little more constructive! ;)

Today's Taffer's Post is the first part of a three part series, called System Shock: A Digital Vision. In it I revise the System Shock series into a trilogy, using ideas I have put together over the years. The first part of the series deals with System Shock 2, and the game it could have been.

So, those of you who I have not alienated yet (brace yourselves ;), stroll on over to the Taffer's Post and take a look! (You have been warned.)

Forum flavor, so you can post replies, is here.

   Biageo "Bee" Biondolillo - 11:43:08 PM EST - Dan
As many of you who have been reading the Community Chat forum know, my Grandfather passed away Sunday morning. He and I were very close, we all were, and it's been a very difficult time for my family this past weekend and this week. His Obituary was published today in the Florida Today Newspaper, and I wanted to also publish it online here at TTLG.

I invite you all to read it here.

If any of you wish to send a message, please do so on this thread in the Comm Chat forum. I plan to print out and share this thread with my Grandmother next week after things have quieted down. It should make her smile to know that so many strangers all over the world have been thinking of us. Everyone's condolences and support has been deeply appreciated, and has helped me cope in this difficult time. Again, thank you.

    More Fanworks - 3:32:51 PM EST - Fat Burrick
Hey all, got some more stuff for you to have a look at First up we have a new desktop theme by frox featuring Xerxes (800k).
We also have the second part of the fanfic "The Beggining of the End" by sporto78 (Part 1 can be found here)
Thanks guys!

    Apologies and a retirement - 3:30:22 PM EST - Dave
First off I would like to apologise to those who have sent fanworks in lately, due to a combination of things (Email/OS upgrades) I was unable to get them online as soon as I would have liked to.

Secondly, and sadly, Undertow has decided to 'fly the nest' as it were, and has retired from I would like to thank him for his work on, for kicking my ass into gear to get the shocked section looking nicer, and lastly, for getting the petition for System Shock 3 up and running on
Sorry to see him leave, yet I wish him well for the future. See ya later matey!

    Email back up! - 8:10:39 AM EST - Dave
After a long period of Down Timeā„¢ the email addresses are up and running! YAY!!!
So, you can email, and

    EEK! Bad email! - 12:53:55 PM EST - Dave
EEK! We have been having a LOT of trouble recently with our email address'
So if you could please use the following email address' until we have the problem fixed.
Dave, Fat-Burrick and UnderTow.
Hopefully we can get this problem sorted soon. another smiley face. Two in one post! Lucky you!!