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    Sunday, August 31, 2003
    FM: Ancient by Icemann - 3:07:29 AM EST - Dave
While I was digging around in the archives a bit I remembered a Fan Mission I hadn't yet posted. So, here is 'Ancient', by icemann
Shock 2 Fan Mission

Released: Jan2003

By: icemann

Plot Description: Three weeks later that moment came and the creatures of the many arose from their sleep and attacked the staff of Semper Fi. Within two hours the staff of Semper Fi were all but slaughtered or assimilated into the Many, and to make matters worse, shortly after the attack began Semper Fi`s security system "Xanatos" initiated quarantine procdures activating the facilities robotic security forces, with orders to shoot anything. Be it Alien or Human.
Additional Comments:
  • Also includes the original DooM II version by the same author.

  • You can grab it over at the Cargobays