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    Monday, September 25, 2000
   New Shock 2 Icons and Skin - 9:14:34 PM EST - Dan
Getn1eman L0ser had contributed two new items to our Themes section. A 3rd edition of his Icon collection, and a Shock 2 skin for QuickNotes (a digital equivilant to PostIt pads). Thanks, Getn!

   A Shock FanFic Continues - 1:42:35 PM EST - Dan
The utterly indictable Robert Skilton has written the second chapter in his Loyalties series, a System Shock Universe fan fiction. Below is a quick take on what this episode:
Stilled awed by the Mogol’s revelation in the casino bar, Yanos slowly works through the implications of the earth shattering event, not only for both the ships crews, but for all of humanity. These implications consume his every thought even as he returns to his workshop. He knows that he must do something and soon, the problem is he still has to figure out what. Unfortunately, reality decides to distract him with something more pressing.

*Bonus information* This part also explains the origin of the Von Braun and why it seems so badly designed.*Bonus information*

A quote from the episode. "The pride of her generation was left to slowly fade away, to be forgotten like the rest of the excesses of time of the megacorporates. She was the legacy of all that was great and evil of times, times that the rest of worlds wanted to forget. At the dawn of the twenty second century, only the peoples of Mars knew of her and even cared about her. They considered her the planet’s third moon and renamed her TriOpt’s Folly. The only future that great ship had was as a forgotten monument to corporate dreams."

Thank you, as always, Robert Skilton. You may find Chapter 2 as well as Chapter 1 of Loyalties right at that link over there there.