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    Wednesday, September 26, 2001
    MrBunwah and Friends do...... - 4:11:29 PM EST - Dave
The "popular" Zaxis series MrBunwah and Friends has got around to doing System Shock 2.
Grab a read of the article Here!
Thanks to Saam for the headsup!

   Hey, You Can Download Shock Music Again! - 1:05:25 PM EST - Dan
I am guessing that half the people come here for the music. Am I right? Heh.

Due to the immaculate intervention of one Jason L Tibbitts the Third, the TTLG Jukebox is now finally, rightfully, open for jukeboxing, and such. Yes, the music shall flow once again! Something to make you smile I hope, or maybe even dance a little. Can you dance to Thief music? ... I'll try later.

If you want to send Jason some hugs, kisses, candy, marriage proposals, etc, send them to For flames, threats of torture by malnutrition, or the like, email me. Actually I meant mail me if you find any errors ... please don't make flames. I burn easy.

So ... how would you like your fries? (That's a link to the Jukebox.)

    Shock 2 Walkthrough! - 5:21:36 PM EST - Dave
Finally, after all this time, has a System Shock 2 Walkthrough courtesy of Gray, who incidently is's new Walkthorugh Guru.
Welcome on board Gray!

   USA Rocked By Terrorism. - 2:08:02 PM EST - Dave
The World Trade has collapsed and the Pentagon is badly damaged after terrorists hijacked four aircraft and crashed them into these buildings.
TTLG Forum Thread.

    Donation System Up! - 8:02:26 PM EST - Saam
Hi folks, I have some good news -- rather, it's not really "good" news, since we are pretty much forced to do this, but at any rate -- the TTLG Donation page is now available for your viewing and donating) pleasure. The page gives an overall summary of the situation, and the basic directions of how to exactly donate to TTLG.

If you feel like making a contribution to help keep the safety of TTLG intact, then go ahead and visit the page. As always, we appreciate everything you readers have done for us, and every penny is very much obliged. Thanks!

Update: I have updated the Donations page with information on how to send payments via mail, if can't pay with credit card (or if you want to pay by check/money order).

Also, you can post your comments and thoughts on this thread on the forums. Thanks!

   Back from hospital! - 3:31:25 PM EST - Fat Burrick
Hurrah! Happy days are here again, and with a clean bill of health I'll be tending to the site whilst dave gets a suntan, the lucky so and so .