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    Sunday, September 02, 2007
   SHTUP Beta 6 released - 9:34:33 AM EST - D`Arcy

At long last, Zylonbane has announced the release of SHTUP (Shock Texture Upgrade Project) Beta 6

Here are a few details regarding this new release:

Leading Particulars:
  • Download size: 15.7 MB
  • Uncompressed size: 43.1 MB
  • Updated Object Models: 252
  • Updated Object Textures: 715
  • Updated Terrain Textures: 121
What's New:
  • Several dozen most excellently updated/retextured pipe models (IceNine)
  • Updated "annelid goo" models (IceNine again)
  • Updated plant models (Black Boe)
  • Updated Earth skybox (Black Boe again)
  • Redrawn Xerxes face (Eldron)
  • Updated world model wrench textures (Ichu)
  • Several fixed object models (the inimitable Esh)
  • Updated "annelid goo" textures to complement IceNine's updated models
  • Updated basketball hoop, basketball court (same res, but should look a little more natural now), and basketball inventory icon
  • Re-Updated the MedSci "VB" door texture. This was one of the first textures I updated back in 2003, so it was looking a little rough. Thanks to Esh tweaking the door model, it's now a full 256x512 texture. Also, finally updated the damaged version of this door.
  • Made some tweaks to the HUD graphics so the edges don't change when switching between Use/Shoot mode anymore.
  • Cleaned up all the square warning signs with the horizontal color stripes. They should all look much more consistent now, with the stripes always on the same side and no weird Z-fighting issues. Also, the signs that used to have a flashing white stripe will now have a flashing red stripe. Turns out it was always supposed to be red, but a palette mismatch caused it to appear white instead.
  • Updated all the "big red letter" signs so that each letter is its own 256x256 texture. Super sharp!
  • Updated most non-square signage to use TGA textures. This means that all edges will now have a smooth, anti-aliased appearance. This is especially noticeably on signs with text.
  • Updated all blood splats and blood scrawls to use TGA textures as well. In addition to the edge-smoothing effect, variable transparency was used to give the blood a nice gory smeared appearance.
  • Cleaned up the Rickenbacker logos on the Rickenbacker map screens.
  • Trash cans now have actual trash in them.
  • The snow-covered floors now actually look like snow.
  • Wedge lights now have a texture that actually looks like something, instead of the old blank white texture.
  • Rickenbacker deck A/B/C signs inverted to match the Rickenbacker's deck layout (A at the bottom, C at the top).
  • Three out of four stim unit faces upgraded (still can't figure out who that second guy is).
  • Recreation deck room signs height slightly increased so VB logo is round now.
  • Piano console screen upgraded. Name that tune!

Screenshots are available at the SHTUP site.

The file can be downloaded here. Please discuss any technical issues on the related thread at our forums.

And a big 'thank you' to all the SHTUP team for their excellent work!