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    Saturday, June 23, 2001
   FanFic: Skeleton Crew - 5:36:25 PM EST - Dave
Its been a good day for FanFics today!
Andrew has sent us a new one entitled Skeleton Crew, and very good it is too.
Cheers Andrew!

   FanFic: The Beginning. - 9:00:41 AM EST - Dave
Thomas Gillett has sent us a great new FanFic today called The Beginning
Cheers Thomas!

   FanArt by Mojo Micro - 6:31:08 AM EST - Dave
We have some new FanArt today from Mojo Micro. It can be found here
Cheers Mojo Micro

    Ken Levine Interviewed. - 1:46:17 AM EST - Dave
Ken Levine, General Manager of Irrational Games was interviewed by PC Gamer UK in the latest issue.
Quite an interesting read, mostly talking about Freedom Force and The Lost, the two upcoming Irrational Games, but he does talk about Shock2 and the posibility of Shock3.
Look out for an online version soon.

    Mod: AI Mesh by Colourless. - 1:55:21 AM EST - Dave
Colourless has the honour of being the first person to create a 100% custom AI mesh for System Shock2. This is an amazing achievment, and marks the beginning of Big Things™ in ShockEd. You can read about it here and get the AI mesh files here (332kb).

Great Work Colourless!

    Mod: SS2 Gamsys by Crion - 1:30:07 AM EST - Dave
Crion has made a custom gamesys for SS2. In case you don't know what a custom Gamysys is here's a quick explanation: Think of a Gamsys as a database for SS2 that holds all the properties for all the mosters, weapons, cost of items etc. Crion has modified these values to give us a bit of fresh gameplay. The Gamsys can be got here (187kb.)

Cheers Crion!

    SS2 for $10! - 5:43:17 AM EST - Dave
Gamespot have a weekly feature were they check out prices for cheap games and then list them. Well, this week System Shock 2 has got a mention, and its only $10!. If you don't have a copy of SS2 or want a backup copy, head over here for a great deal!
Thanks go to Despot for pointing this out!

   System Shock 2 Texture Viewer - 11:06:11 AM EST - Dave
Larson has sent a System Shock 2 testure viewer for us, a nice useful resource for all us ShockEd-ers. It can be found here 3.9mb.

Cheers Larson!

   FanFic by Shamus Young. - 10:14:01 AM EST - Dave
Shamus young has started a novel-sized recreating the story of System Shock 1. It is a work in progress. Shamus' site can be found here.

Thanks Shamus!

   FanArt by RAPT0R - 10:01:03 AM EST - Dave
Raptor has sent some new FanArt in. It is a lightwave scene inspired by System Shock 2 and comes in two flavours. One with fog and one without.

Cheers RAPT0R!

    PC Powerplay: The Shock Project - 6:10:48 AM EST - Dave
The guys over at Pangean have got The Shock Project some coverage in a rather fine Austrailian PC magazine: PC Powerplay. Here is the article
"Once again, it’s excellent to review a mod for a different game every now and again. We love to showcase this type of thing so let us know if you find any more. The Shock Project has been running for around five months now and is expected to be released in December of this year. Although technically TSP is a mod for System Shock 2, it’s far more like a sequel. It has, from what we can gather, a very interesting plot, as well as numerous sub-plots to keep you interested. It also has completely new music to creep you out just at the right moment. It’s clear this is a mammoth task and Pangean is taking the utmost care in recreating the System Shock universe to suit their own devices. Everything is new – new weapons, new enemies, new everything. Obviously if you’re a System Shock fan you’d be positively salivating at the moment. If you’re not, you should be. The Shock Project is shaping up to be one of the finest mods ever. In fact, the word mod doesn’t do it justice. We will take another look at The Shock Project closer to its release."

Congratulations guys!

    Updated: Shock2 Ambient List - 3:31:07 PM EST - Dave
Doc4 has kindly sent in an update to his abmient sound list. It is in the resources section of the site.
A direct link is right here

Cheers Doc4!

    Arx Fatalis Fansite - is Open - 12:12:09 AM EST - Dan
The Arx Fatalis & Underworld Site, is OPEN! Yeah, took me long enough, eh? The site has a damn fine staff, and is off to a real great start, with news on the Arx Fatalis Playable Demo you need to be looking out for come September. Gotta love pre-release demos, that way we can tell the developers what we like and don't like, and they can make a better game based on player feedback. Visit that site. Visit that site often. Boomark it. I want to become just as big as The Circle! Haha!