Here are a list of all the tutorials for ShockEd on with the respective authors.
If anyone has any other tutorials please Email Me

  Title Author  
  Gravshafts Disenchanted  
  Replicators G'len  
  Corpses G'len  
  Usable Computers G'len  
  Teleport and Destroy Traps G'len  
  Leading AIs HKPrince  
  Spawning Details Lance Botelle  

Demo Missions
I have NO idea what these I because I dont have ShockEd at the moment!

  Title Author Size  
  AI Devloper HKPrince 164Kb  
  AI Follow HKPrince 100Kb  
  AI Door Opener HKPrince 118Kb  
  Lifts HKPrince 128Kb  
  Speclift HKPrince 122Kb  
  Rare G'len 122Kb  

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